Kinect-powered Coke machine rewards dance moves with free drinks

Coca Cola is running a great promotion in Korea, where they have a high tech vending machine rewarding good dancers with free cokes.

Passers-by in shopping malls are challenged to repeat the moved of South Korea’s ultra popular boy band, 2 PM, and their success is measured by a hidden Kinect camera. The closer you come to perfection, the more likely you are to win a free Coke.

The challenge seems to be drawing the crowds, if the video is anything to go by, and the machines may make their way to other locations, so look out for the beckoning dispenser in your local mall.



  • Bugbog

    Seems Dispensers are running/enabling some of the best ‘reality’ ad promo’s out there!

  • Pierre Venescar

    that’s a really cool way to advertise something. they should do that in the US Malls too.

    • Erik Pienknagura

      I dont think fat people would be able to do the same….. LMAO!