Landmark Deal Between Microsoft And Time Warner Cable Brings 300 Live TV Channels To Xbox 360

Xbox Timewarner

Landmark deal between Time Warner Cable and Microsoft has brought 300 Live TV channels to Xbox 360 console users with Xbox LIVE gold subscription. TWC TV app which will launch as early as next month, gives the TWC subscribers access to live TV through Xbox 360 console. TWC is also planning to bring video-on-demand to Xbox 360 through the app later this year.

Press Release:

In a landmark deal announcement for Xbox 360 and Time Warner Cable customers, we’re excited to share a new partnership that will deliver up to 300 of the most popular live TV channels to Xbox 360 for Xbox Live Gold members. This deal, which will bring more live channels than any other experience on Xbox 360, will offer Time Warner Cable subscribers with an Xbox Live Gold membership  the ability to watch their favorite shows from right from their Xbox 360 — including favorites like AMC, BBC World News, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network, HGTV and more. And unlike any other platform, you’ll be able to control your entertainment using your voice via Kinect for Xbox 360.

“TWC TV is a significant addition to Xbox 360, bringing our customers their favorite entertainment in one place—enhanced TV experience, games, movies, music, sports and entertainment apps,” said Blair Westlake, corporate vice president, Media & Entertainment Group at Microsoft. “Our partnership with TWC enhances all that is available on Xbox 360 today, which will we continue expand. We’re thrilled to offer TWC TV to U.S. Xbox Live members and Time Warner Cable subscribers.”

When the TWC TV app launches later this summer, you’ll be able to download it right from the Xbox Live Marketplace, log-in with your Time Warner Cable credentials and start watching your favorite channels and programs instantly.

Mike Angus, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video for Time Warner Cable said, “We look forward to introducing TWC TV to Xbox 360 and providing customers with this new viewing experience within the home. We are very excited about Microsoft’s vision for entertainment and the vast possibilities Xbox offers.”

At Xbox our vision has always been to provide all the entertainment people want in one place. With Xbox 360 we have a growing entertainment app portfolio of more than 120 voice-controlled apps, and we are happy to expand with the addition of TWC TV. We are equally excited to deliver new entertainment experiences with Xbox One launching later this year, which will allow you to instantly switch from watching live TV to playing a game with the sound of your voice. We will have more details to share about Xbox One entertainment in the coming months.

  • BIAS

    Its all I’ve ever wished for. But where is MSNBC? My Rachel Maddow… Time to cut my cable.

    • Oliver

      Not for me. What about UK users?

      • Keifwoki

        And Australians?

        • rjmlive

          Time Warner Cable subscribers

      • nohone

        You know that you need to be a Time Warner subscriber to use this service, as it requires a wire from TW into your house? The last time I checked, TW is not in the UK (or Australia for below) and I doubt they want to pay the millions to string a wire from the US to your house just to keep you from whining.

        • Bugbog

          The problem with licensing is when it’s used to strangle innovation, rather than support it!

          For all the Xbox worldwide users outside the US, it should be simple enough to allow/enable internet streaming of the TWC content (even if you still need to subscribe to TIme Warner to get it).

          But no; they still limit it to US only, then hog-tie it by needing to get the proprietary box too! SMH!

          • nohone

            Why is this a problem with MS licensing it? TW decides who gets their service, not MS. I live in the US, and I cannot get ESPN through the 360 because I do not have a Comcast account that gives me ESPN (I pay for the $13/month plan). That is not MS’ fault, it is how Comcast wants it.
            I live in the US, why is SKY keeping me from getting their service? Why does SKY hate the US?

          • Bugbog

            I’m not blaming Microsoft; I was talking about Time-Warner’s requirements for the licensing deal!

          • nohone

            There is a lot of blame pointed towards MS whenever there is one of these “US only” deals. But there are so many laws and regional issues that people do not think of.
            People blame MS for the price of a product in other countries vs. the US, but many other countries have import fees, VAT, etc. that we in the US do not have or are added on later. Countries like Canada require a certain percentage of media to be Canadian produced, but when media is not made available in those places, the media provider is blamed not the legal issues of that country. If I recall correctly, there are similar issues in the UK, that there are numerous limitations on media which is why you have the BBC. There are so many legal issues, cultural issues, etc. to simply show a TV show, but rather than say how it is the country that is causing the holdups, they would rather blame everyone else, be it TW, MS, etc.

        • Oliver

          I know, but what about the UK customers? Do we have to miss out on the cool new features?

    • Boolanger

      Well if you looking to use this app don’t cut your cable to soon as you need to be a Time Warner Cable subscriber to use it.

  • techieg

    The thing is these LiveTV apps work over the very same internet and can be subscribed to anywhere you are but the bummer are the laws in the various places that prevent any of it from happening. Also, the cable companies are not yet looking to bring ALL their channels over.

  • arrow2010

    You still have to have the stupid cable box for this app to work. FAIL!!!!

    • Avatar Roku

      This is an app, the same as it is on iOS, Android, and Roku.

    • guest

      Still trolling, huh? Now THAT’s a FAIL!!!

  • RichFrantz

    Whaaa? Of what benefit is this? If you have to be a TWC subscriber, what benefit does running through the XB bring?

  • Agosto Nuñez

    Well, in time Microsoft can abolish all Cable- & Satelite-Boxes and integrate them into the Xbox, the only thing standing in the way of this seamless integration between all media is D.V.R.-/TiVo-Cloud-Streaming between Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone via these subscriptions and devices.

    T.V. providers can create a win-win situation with Microsoft by implementing cable/satelite subscriptions via the internet and Live T.V. via Microsoft’s Xbox Video app, people can subscribe to cable-/satelite-companies without a physical T.V. and still watch Live T.V. on their P.C.’s, Tablet-Computers and Phones.