LastPass For Windows 8/RT Devices Updated With Support For Form Fill Profiles

LastPass Windows Store

LastPass app for Windows 8/RT devices today got updated in Windows Store with no.of improvements like the support for form fill profiles, etc,.

New features in this version,

  • Form Fill profiles are now supported, so you can fill shipping and billing forms in a few easy
  • Identities are now supported, so if you prefer to keep your work and personal data separate, or share the same account with someone, you’ll be able to easily toggle between sets of data in the LastPass app.
  • Account recovery is now supported using the locally-stored, encrypted OTP.
  • The “forgot password” email can be sent directly from the app.
  • Improvements to the user interface, with an even slicker look and feel.

Download it from Windows Store.

Source: LastPass

  • Chris Georgeson

    The bummer is that you have to use the browser in LastPass’s app to use last pass natively. You can’t use IE Metro and expect for LastPass to detect forms/Fields. I understand that is part of the apps being sandbox but I wish they could hook in a little more. Oh well it’s still an essential app.

    • arrow2010

      How is that a problem? LastPass is a native app on all platforms.

      • GG002

        I guess what he meant is that it’d be better if it worked in the native browser of Windows, and I agree. I always prefer to use the native IE (even though the browser in LastPass probably uses stuff from IE), because it runs faster and more efficient.