Latest leaked Windows build 9788 screenshot shows New Start menu


MyDigitalLife has managed to get some new screen shots of build 9788 of the next version Windows.

Unlike the last screen shot, which did not reveal anything new, this one sports the new start menu, expected to show up at some point in Windows, either as an update or in Threshold.

The start menu is a cross between the Windows 7 start menu, with the very familiar and useful search bar, and also the tile interface of Windows 8.

While Neowin notes that their sources have declared the leaked screen shots as authentic-looking, they could not verify the start menu as being the real and final implementation. Given the rate of leaks however it seems it will not be long before the whole OS is widely leaked and we can all play with it if we wish.

  • hushv

    As long as it’s configurable to work like the start screen, I have no qualms with the change.

    In reality, no one really hates the start screen. They instead hate the forced switch.

    Masochists who enjoy someone dictating what they should do, use, like… Use Apple. Microsoft users however demand having 5 ways to do a single thing.

    Microsoft’s role therefore is to:
    1. Maintain the old ways of doing things
    2. Add new ways
    3. Present the recommended way to do things

    • Joe_HTH

      Yep, and that’s why Microsoft will always be held back from competing. Because their idiotic consumers are stuck in the 90s and won’t let them move forward. Their customers are a bunch of useless, antiquated dipsh*ts who should be left behind.

      • jhtanglewood

        Yeah, people who like options and customization should be burned at the stake.

        • Socius

          I’m glad somebody finally said it! Burn the commies!

      • RWalrond

        Microsoft didn’t really help the situation. They released a new User interface and no productivity applications for it. So instead of it being the cool new interface that you use to run the cool new version of Word, Photoshop, etc. It was the place where you ran Angry Birds and Fart sound boards. Looking back I have no idea how this stellar strategy could have failed. /s
        Now spending the time making Windows 9 work like Windows 7 instead of delivering on next gen applications is yet another brilliant plan Microsoft!

        • Blaze Blue

          Even though you feel that there was no productivity, but at least expect change that goes for the rest of the world. Microsoft has never stop evolving and fixing what don’t work. This goes to the same with Xbox one, that system was on the right track until the PS fanboys made a big deal about it and that also includes Sony and their mocking. You guys really need to get a god damn grip.

      • Bugbog

        It’s not just their ‘old’ customers that are the problem! If it were just them they could always garner new ones. The real problem is that it’s their old customers, new customers (that expect certain things that they believe Microsoft has always provided), and their “non-using customers”; all those critics [Josh Topolsky] that don’t actually use Windows, but are always standing by ready to bash them when they do something new and novel!

      • Joe

        you sound like a apple douche bag who has been brainwashed or simply because your fking stupid and think that your “Cool” because you use a apple….Fuck off Loser!!….

      • koenshaku

        Give me a break, the current modern UI is not ideal for desktop use while I do use it, you do have to take extra steps to do things as simple as shutdown and the modern UI is still half assed where you have do need to use the desktop to get to certain settings. I think the amalgamation of the two is usable, but hardly intuitive and I support it daily and find myself unpinning apps like mail and IE to in the modern UI to keep users from calling me.

    • Red October

      I do hate the start screen, simply because its unnatural to use with its horizontal layout.
      a non scrolling better layed out screen as a start menu would be fine. But with the current tile system theres not enough you can do to tailor it to frequent tasks.

  • Socius

    Alignment of the start menu items is off in areas. Either due to it being in development (which I doubt) or this could be a photoshop.

    • Bugbog

      Nope! Don’t see anything “off”

      • hushv

        He has special eyes

  • Red October

    kinda looks like start menu reviver. Which is free and functional, don’t see there was much point In them spending time on this. I have reviver but don’t use it, I would if I had the chance to remove metro, the charms bar, and the task switcher. With all that and the start menu its too much fuss and clutter, makes w8.1 clumsey to use.

  • Alan

    That looks hideous, it should be kept back in the 90s where it belongs!!!!

  • Malcolm Williams

    what an amazing photoshop

  • Jeff Hung

    It’s not bad, although I always feel that Microsoft only need to allow the start screen to “snap” left to satisfy those who miss the start menu so bad.

  • tomakali

    why cant they change all static icons{system wide} into interactive tiles?

    • VickieFCameron

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  • Antonioerre

    Didn’t they show this already at /publish months ago?

  • GetEdumated

    So do I have to click on the start button to see my live tiles? That defeats their purpose!

  • Emi the Strange

    I think they should make it dyanmic sized start menu, you want it full screen? you want it like old start menu? you want it to take half screen? I think they should do it so you can adjust it dynamically, make it yours. you want to remove anything do it. you want to add small buttons, do it as well.
    But anyway, as long as I can keep using it fullscreen I am fine with it, I like to rest myself scrolling around and watching the tiles to see if the are interesting news.

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