Latest Microsoft Surface Ads Takes On Apple iPad, Touts Built-in Kickstand And Multiple User Accounts Features

Microsoft today released couple of ads to promote Surface devices by comparing them with the competing Apple iPad. The first ad shows the usage of tablets in the cooking scenario. If you want to use a tablet while cooking, Surface is a perfect device for you. Why? Surface comes with built-in Kickstand while you need to purchase separate case for iPad to make it stand straight. Also, the cooking app in the Surface works with gestures allowing you to turn your recipe pages with a wave of your hand. In iPad, you should shout at your tablet with voice commands which often fails.

The second ad shows the scenario where a single tablet is shared among the family. In the case of Surface, you can create multiple user accounts with separate login and personalized environment. In Apple iPad, you always have one account and one home screen for all.

What do you think of these new ads?

  • rjmlive

    Hmm… well I can just imagine the Ipad owners saying.. “cool! there’s a voice controlled cooking app for ipad.” as opposed to.. “well that does it.. getting a surface 2.”

  • David van der Zande

    The second one is the best. It’s really important in a family to have multiple accounts, especially with all the social apps.


    They kinda promoted that the iPad has infinity blade while the Surface don’t :/

    • donzebe

      How ? the ads are great, point out the differences well.


        The second ad shows Infinity Blade 3 on the iOS App Store prominently, maybe MS should’ve used Anrgy Birds or some game that’s also available in the Windows Store.

        While I couldn’t care less about this game (I think it’s one of the most overrated, and boring, mobile games), a lot of people do.

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    Her voice sounds like Siri and that’s a bad move.

  • donzebe

    The message is not very clear in the first ad.
    The second ad explain the difference very well.
    Microsoft doing well explaining to consumers what surface can do.

  • koenshaku

    both ads were admittedly lame, but it is good to keep the message in the mind of consumers.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Wow, there are a lot of trolls in the comment sections of those ads.
    ┬┐Ever notice how every Russian ever is obsessed with Apple products?
    you’ll never meet a Russian with Windows in your entire life.