Latest Windows 8.1 Build Reveals Name Changes, ‘Computer’ Is Now ‘This PC’, ‘Libraries’ Is Now ‘Folder’

Windows 8.1 Explorer
Latest Windows 8.1 build has revealed some changes Microsoft is making to its Explorer window. The traditional ‘Computer’ name has been renamed as ‘This PC’, but the icon remains the same. Also the ‘libraries’ has now become ‘folders’. Also the new ‘Folders’ is now available for access right inside the ‘This PC’ explorer windows as opposed to the past where you will have shortcuts in the sidebar.

It is good to see that Microsoft is improving the classic Explorer Windows experience along with the Modern UI experience. We should know about it more when Microsoft releases public preview of Windows 8.1 in June.

via: Neowin via: WinBeta

  • Alejandro Machado R.

    I loved Libraries since Windows 7 :c

  • Mike

    These are common shortcuts, not libraries: ~/Desktop, ~/Documents, ~/Downloads… etc “This PC” sounds worse than “my computer”.


    libraries was stupid. folders is better.

  • Robert Sandona

    The Library shortcuts down the side are my most used links. Surely this is going to annoy people all over again.

    • Blackr

      Who says those shortcuts are disappearing? You can’t see them because they are hidden under the “This PC” tree.

  • Usman Mohammad

    They should have kept it as libraries, if they wanted to rename it then call it something like ‘Collections’ so that end users will know that the “folder” actually points to/is a collection of, multiple locations.

    Renaming libraries to folders is going to confuse people, where libraries point to a collection of folders and the current meaning of folder refers to a fixed location and not a collection of other locations.

    • GetEdumated

      Exactly. My first worry in reading this story is that they might no
      longer allow you to link other folders into you library. I don’t keep
      any of my media on the same drive as the OS so this is essential for me.

      • PoohGQ

        Same here..

  • TheQEntity

    That sounds like a load of bs to me. When will they learn from their mistakes and stop screwing people over just because some young brat who have probably never set foot outside of his computer playroom thinks it looks cool to change things that actually work.

  • Maminiaina R.

    I hope they don’t change computer to this PC, it sounds…cheap. anyway it can be renamed so not a big deal, but libraries to folder however can’t be renamed..

  • h3man

    doesn’t look like libraries to me. desktop? as mike said below me i also think this is some sort of shortcut.
    why would they rename it to this pc? what about network locations?

  • @tolaayan

    Keep in mind that since Windows Vista anyone can rename the “[My] Computer” to “any_name” and have it show up in Windows/File Explorer as “any_name”. This could possibly be much ado about nothing.

  • #TeamCortana

    Also, ‘Network’ is now ‘Those PCs’

  • bricko

    Why, why do they do this silliness…..just stop it. Next build they will put it back just like the Start menu thats coming back. Is anyone in charge here. Why is Ballmer still there.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      1. this is just a “build” that could be fake, and if it was real… well… its an unfinished build “normal” people doesnt have to see it. also you can just rename computer to whatever you want so who cares?

      2. there wont be a “start menu” back never again… there is already a start menu, and it is the start screen.
      please, if you mention that, do a litle of research… because its a rumor and its just the start BUTTON coming back, not the menu. and it hasnt appeared in any new leaked build. so its something not real until this day.. its still a rumor.

      so please… if you are going to talk about something, first do some research and try to type something more intelligently .

      • Văn Minh Nguyễn

        Is start menu is in Windows 8.1, the same way it is in Windows 8, IN THE CHARMS BAR, Microsoft NEVER removed the start-menu, they’ve simply moved it, and now people complain because they can’t find it.

  • JRV

    Whatever they call them, they MUST allow DFS shares to be added to “Folders” by Group Policy, and they MUST enable DFS shares to be indexed like local drives and conventional shares. Because without this functionality, the highly useful functionality of “Folders” is lost to corporate systems–Microsoft’s bread-and-butter–where “Folders” are needed the most.

  • Văn Minh Nguyễn

    This PC reminds me of Windows XP’s My Computer, but ”folders” instead of Libraries just seems odd (–_–)