Leaked: Details On Microsoft’s Plan To Sell Windows PCs And Tablets This Holiday Season

Microsoft’s market share of Operating Systems in the personal computing space is fast declining due to Android and iOS devices. Microsoft is aware of this scenario and they have formulated a plan to execute this holiday season to reverse the trend. Paul from Winsupersite has posted a long list of action items from Microsoft’s plan. First, Microsoft has plans to sell about 16 million Windows tablets to make touch Windows devices mainstream. Microsoft will spend about $405 million this year for direct marketing, offers, incentives, etc,.

  • Microsoft will focus on new Windows 8.1 features running on new tablets and devices that are coming this holiday season.
  • Microsoft is aware of the fact that consumers are confused with several OS versions in the market such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT, Windows 7, etc,.
  • Low end Android tablets are winning customers since they are confused because of fragmented strategies with PC makers, the environment is complicated, and consumers are doing their own research online while retailer web sites have not evolved to help them.
  • To reinvent Windows brand with  “uniquely innovative” devices and making the brand more aspirational.
  • Microsoft will use the word ‘the new Windows’ to refer Windows 8.1 in marketing.
  • Opening store-within-a-store locations in Best Buy other premium retailers to improve customer retail experience on Windows devices.
  • Overall messaging theme is as expected, Windows is best for both work and play. A Windows tablet is “more than an ordinary tablet,” while a Windows PC is “the only PC with touch.”
  • To improve usage of Touch apps in Windows Store by giving away $25 gift card that can be redeemed to buy apps and content on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox Stores. Offer will be available from November 15 to December 28. Tagline is “Buy a Windows Touch PC and get $25 in apps.”
  • Since only 20% of PCs that ship during the holidays will come preinstalled with Windows 8.1, Microsoft is providing retailers with a special USB-based Windows 8.1 Upgrade Kit that they can use to upgrade.

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Source: Winsupersite

  • kid92x

    Hmm interesting list..

    I think out of all the bullet points the one that stood out to me, simple yet enough, was this one “Overall messaging theme is as expected, Windows is best for both work and play. A Windows tablet is “more than an ordinary tablet,” while a Windows PC is “the only PC with touch”
    I think if they can really market this and engrave it in consumers mind, they can turn around sales.

    • Bugbog

      Unfortunately it’s taken over a year for OEM’s to finally catch up to where Microsoft needs them to go!

      Microsoft has had its tablets in the market for over a week, but only Dell, so far, has been able to release its 8″ tablet today. How difficult is it to produce such a basic thing? They’ve had all year (or 6months at least) to get their act ready for launch, and None of them have been able to deliver. And this is just the US, not even Europe, Asia or the rest of the world. How long till then?!

    • donzebe

      Get the retailers to place the banners on doors and windows in the store too.
      And get retailers like Best Buy, ebay etc to stop listing products as: Ipads and Tablets, iphones and smartphones. Many retailer list products this way; confusing the consumers and at the same time giving Apples product a special preference.

  • MS 31684

    I give u better advice Microsoft…lower ur OS price in developing countries like india and china..and bloody launch d device in india…it sucks we don’t have surface launched here yet…US is not the world..there is world beyond USA…

    • nohone

      How much does Win8 cost in India? How much of that is import costs? How much of that is taxes Microsoft pays to the India government? How much of that is VAT? How much of that is taxes paid to the US government?

      There are many costs for a company selling in another country, not one that can be answered with a simple “lower ur OS price.”

      • MS 31684

        I agree on tht but if u have to stop this declining trend of windows around the glob then u have to compromise somewhere initially..u cant keep same price point which u have in US…I dun understand wht Microsoft India and its employees do…its simple thing..and by lowering price I dun mean to run a business in loss..tired of seeing tht android crap…same goes with windows phone..nokia launches the high end devices at high price points n then as there is no sale they reduce the price drastically here..instead if they put reasonable price tag people will buy them..

        • donzebe

          Starting with very high prices and then slashing them into half within two weeks is a poor market strategic. All it does is make the consumer to put off buying the product with the assumption that prices with be cut into have in two to three weeks. Also gives the impression that the product is not really good. Nokia products have seen this a lot in the USA. got example is the 925 and 1020 phones.

          • MS 31684

            they have kept this stupid practice here in india as well…it makes device look cheap becos iPhone prices don’t come down but a far better product like lumia 920 has price slashed since people feel its overpriced which is true upto some extent..

        • nohone

          When all the taxes, import/export tariffs and everything else is added in, what do you expect, them to give it away just for the cost of getting the boxes into India?
          Found this when someone was complaining about an Amazon giveaway was not being offered in other countries. Yes, you are talking about price and this is about a giveaway, but it shows how laws are different in different countries and it does not mean that Microsoft can give away something for cheaper:


          • Shyest

            WTF are you rambling about? You will jump on any straw man argument,

            Dude just be quite for bit, do us all and yourself a favor

          • MS 31684

            don’t want to assume the pricing but if they r selling the device like surface it has to have some cost reduced for OS part for them to compete cheap android tablets…that will save them for losing money like they did on Surface 1…

      • NegLewis

        I do not care.
        If the final price it’s in range of $300-$350 I will NOT buy it, I’ll just use Linux or use a trial version of windows or just crack the hell out of it.
        MS really needs to acknowledge this issue that will literally destroy them.
        From a family of 6-8 persons (Mother, Father, Brothers and children) only one (me) needs a “real OS”… I will NOT spend $300 *x on OS’s.
        The other just needs a $100 Android Tablet.

        SO…MS must have only 1 or 2 version of Windows – Professional and Expert. x86 and ARM and 2 Server OS’s.
        And I need to buy a licence online – straight from microsoft.com.
        Pay by: PayPal, Card, SMS…

        • nohone

          Linux. Hahahahahah!

          • nohone

            Hahahahahaha, Linux! Still laughing over that one.

  • beau

    I have been running across more and more family members trying to touch the screen and getting increasingly frustrated when they can’t. This is all due to one…yes one…laptop that we have introduced to our household. People are getting used to it and will eventually not want to use something without one.

    • xma1e

      I have this problem after upgrading my laptop to a new touch model. I touch every screen now. Doh!

    • FateStayNight

      Touch it!, Feel it!, Lick it! errr, you can skip on the third part.

  • xma1e

    I think the header picture is probably the most powerful. 3 formats yet the interface looks very much the same.

  • Gerald Dichiara Jr

    What would Really Help Microsoft would be one or another of these two.
    The First would be for Microsoft to get Rid of Windows RT or if they Insist on Keeping Windows RT, Add the Ability to Install and Run All Old Legacy Apps just like Windows PC OS Can do and has Always been able to do.
    The Second would be for Microsoft to Drastically Reduce the Price of their Tablets because you can get Way More for Less if you buy a Laptop and you can get an Optical Drive as well. For what you would pay for a Tablet that don’t really give you the amount of Storage it claims, you can get a Lot More Memory, Much Larger Hard Drive, and an Optical Drive that you can Upgrade along with a Faster Processor that’s also Upgradeable.

    • donzebe

      I think most of the new tablets announced by OEM were reasonable. What Microsoft can do is get rid of the 32Gb model and make all its tablets to start with 64Gb minimum.

      • FateStayNight

        I get by. I bought 2 windows 8 32gb tablets and have been installing desktop programs on the sdcard. I also made files automatically save on the sdcard instead of on the harddrive. Still got me 10Gb of free space on the tablets even with office 365 installed on the hd.

  • donzebe

    The $25 APPs gift card should also extend to phones with WP OS.

  • http://www.mainstreetchatham.com/ JimmyFal

    I think seeing an Android tablet for $179, next to the Dell Venue 8″ for $299, now the consumer has a choice to reach for Windows, the familiar brand. 8.1 shines on a tablet, and there will be no confusion on the smaller tabs, they won’t even want to run the desktop for the most part.
    The nightmare that has gone unseen by many is that most consumers are totally unaware that when they buy a PC with Win 8.0 on it, they have HOURS of updates to do, in order to get it to 8.1, and then there are even more updates to do, to get the core apps updated. Those core app updates often do not even show up in a timely fashion, so many many folks are left behind the 8 ball (:)), before they even get in to the game. Having 8.1 preinstalled will be a huge factor in removing OOBE confusion.

  • Rikkirik

    I know that every article must have an introduuction, but last time I checked the global market share of Windows PC OS was still 92% and has been very stable the last 10 years, despite Imacs and Chromebooks. Tablets are not considered to be computing systems.

  • tomakali

    + Microsoft should use the full potential of Nokia Care/Nokia Professional Stores to retail Windows Devices

    + “the new windows” is not catchy i like WINDOWS ONE

    + Buy Windows 8.1 Device get Free Lumia 525 BUNDLE offer would be nice. esp for corporates)

    + Infiltrate Govt agencies, Universities,http://educomp.com Promote W8 based ATM/Vending Kiosks which will result better than marketing

    + Influencing IRCTC in India will be the best bet to influence the mass public across India