Leaked User Manual Confirms Asus VivoTab Note 8 Windows Tablet

Asus VivoTab Note 8 Manual

Asus has confirmed the upcoming 8-inch Windows tablet Asus VivoTab Note 8 with its manual leak. The main differentiation among its competitors will be the Stylus support. Dell Venue 8 Pro already supports stylus, but it is powered by Synaptics digitizer with a battery-powered stylus. As per previous reports, Asus VivoTab Note 8 will have Wacom digitizer support.

Other standard 8-inch Windows device specs applies here too.

  • 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z3740 “Bay Trail” Quadcore-SoC
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB and 64GB models
  • Windows 8.1 with Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student
  • MicroSD, MicroUSB and 3.5mm audio jack.
  • 3950mAh, 15Wh battery
  • 1280×800 Pixel, 10 finger multi-touch IPS panel.
  • 220.9 x 133.8 x 10.95 mm.
  • 380 g

The device will be available for $299 in the coming weeks.
Source: ASUS via: Engadget

  • http://j.mp/Dtrck Juliana Fitzwater Julia

    I’d be all over this if I didn’t have the Venue 8 Pro already just
    because of the integrated stylus. Still waiting for the Active Stylus I
    ordered from Dell on the 12th last month.

    • Bugbog

      Given the [current] limited selection, the Dell Venue 8 Pro is Surface RT of the Win 8 mini-tab scene! :)

      It offers quite the pleasurable User Experience.
      (With the Dec. updates most of the software niggles have been worked out)

  • Tirinti

    Will it have optional LTE?

  • iamwarpath

    I was the resolution was better and it has a gps in it.

    • Bugbog

      GPS, if needed. But as far as resolution goes the 720p screen is quite nice and holds up to a comparison with the Lumia 1520.
      Don’t get me wrong, the 1520 screen is dead gorgeous, that said, you don’t feel that your purchase of the DV8P is a mistake or that the screen is inferior when observed side by side.

  • Pookiewood

    No HDMI out? Ahhhh. I wonder why these tablets aren’t being released with HDMI out? But Wacom. Hmmm. I postponed getting a tablet when I heard rumors of this one. My B-day is in 16 days. Going to pull the trigger on one of these soon.

    • Bugbog

      They’re being built from a template; Intel I’d hazard, given the timing and use of CPU. So most of the ports have been pre-fixed, both as a matter of design, and as an issue of cost.

      • Tirinti

        They trying to sell bad designed product and when there is no customers, they call it End of PC era. IT is the end of dumb customer era and prosumers wants good quality. And if someone wants something as cheap as possible, then Android is cheaper.

        • Bugbog

          Sometimes you just have to pay for the right material. Android is an attempted emulation of Windows.
          Now that there are decent Win8 8″ tablets at reasonably inexpensive prices, why settle for less?

          • Tirinti

            Lenovo has just presented proper 8″ tablet. Asus and Dell can now stop producing their junk.

  • DarthTigris

    These names kill me. I just don’t get what they’re thinking by making them so overdone.

  • jimski27

    Looking forward to getting my hands on this.

  • Wizadina

    What a surprising news for us. I think this could be much better windows compared to the old version, and I guess there’s lot more good features that we could really enjoy using this type of Phone. Thanks for the complete specs and details you shared here.