Leaked Video Shows Off Xbox One Dashboard In Action

A new video got leaked today which shows off Xbox One dashboard in action. Even though Microsoft showed off Xbox One dashboard couple of times during press events, they didn’t fully reveal it. This video shows some of the new dashboard’s feature such as the ability to switch between games and the dashboard home without any delay. According to the guy who posted the above video, Microsoft is internally testing this dashboard with its employees and there are lots of bugs that exist in the build he tried out.

Microsoft has almost two months time, from now till their launch, hopefully they will fix all those bugs and provide a great user experience.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Windows 8 on your T.V. ¡¡¡Awesome!!! 😀
    I’m very excited to buy an Xbox One, I’ve traditionally always bought Sony
    PlayStations and Nintendo consoles, but this version of the Xbox really
    incorporates a lot of what I love about Windows 8.

  • Rich

    The person did not demonstrate anything from the Kinect?

  • Emily the Strange

    I hope someone gets fired for this, This shouldn’t happen. its obvious this guy is not a Microsoft Employee but someone older close to him, brother, father, uncle, mother, boyfriend, something like that.
    But its fair the person causing this leak to be fired. I mean, its obvious this thing its in NDA, and its just not fair for Microsoft people doing whatever they want and leaking this stuff.
    its stupid when you see, for these kind of stupid leaks, people talk more crap about the product, in this case Xbox One, and how much “it sucks”, you know stupid people on youtube who apparently are “real gamers” but spend 90% of their time in youtube looking for xbox one videos or whatever.

  • NGM123

    Video’s been removed :-(

    • luca

      check it ou youtube… nothing special… it´s all beta…. wait and see the real thing…. it will be good!! i´m sure!!!

  • tomakali

    Now i need a clarification…
    Is it possible to Connect 3 TVs to XB1 to run TV on one and Games on One and youtube on One? and control all 3 individually ???