Leaked Windows Blue Build Reveals Improved File Search Experience(Video)

Few day back, a new Windows Blue build 9369 got leaked on the web. It revealed some interesting features such as improved web search experience, search suggestions from the web, modern UI file manager, etc,. Now, another hidden feature was revealed which can be enabled by tweaking the registry. The new Search experience powered by Bing reveals new UX which you can see in the video above.

If you have Windows Blue Build running, read instructions to enable it manually: http://bit.ly/176iDoC or download .reg files, http://bit.ly/13qwxU0.

via: youtube

  • Bugbog

    Most probably the reason why it’s hidden in the build; it’s an unfinished product, and looks it. Let it be revealed in its own time, when it’s near done!

  • jvs

    Mind blowing: search for search, start the search application to search for search…

    • arrow2010

      Hit the search charm on the keyboard idiot.

      • jvs

        Where is the charm key? LOL

        • Smity Smiter

          The windows button (if you have one on the keyboard), or move your mouse to top right and drag it down in one single motion and it’ll bring up the Charms bar, launch “Search” or “start screen” from there and type away.

          • jvs

            Thank you for your explanation.
            (I know how to use Windows 8 and how to write Windows Stores applications with contracts to use the charms, I just fooling around with some Windows 8 hatters…)

          • Smity Smiter

            ah my bad. My sarcasm detector has become weak 😛

          • jvs

            No problem. I forgot to include my comment in .

  • sadiq

    my god they brought integrated search :) the only complaint I had with windows 8