Lenovo Has Stopped Selling 8-inch Windows Tablets Including ThinkPad 8 In The US

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Windows

Earlier this year, Lenovo announced ThinkPad 8, a premium 8 inch tablet constructed of machine-cut aluminum, with the ability to connect to a keyboard and display for a full PC experience. Or flip its optional Quickshot Cover over the tablet to convert into Tent Mode. In addition, it allowed users to capture photos and videos intuitively and easily with the Quickshot cover. Users just peel back the tablet’s cover to expose the 8 MP high definition camera, triggering the camera app to open. Once captured, users can view and edit their photos and videos on the super bright 8.3 inch 1920×1200 display and transfer them wirelessly using Miracast technology or view them via a cable using its microHDMI port. Supporting a full PC experience, ThinkPad 8 is armed with the latest Intel Bay Trail Quad Core processor, up to 128GB of storage, a microUSB 3.0 port, LTE connectivity and a full Windows8 Pro experience for professional needs.

According to report from ITWorld, Lenovo has stopped selling all its smaller display Windows tablets in the US. It includes ThinkPad 8 and Lenovo Miix 2 consumer tablet. Lenovo is not seeing enough interest for small Windows tablets in the US.

“In North America, we’re seeing stronger interest in the larger screen sizes for Windows tablets and are pleased with initial customer demand for the ThinkPad 10,”

“In other markets, particularly Brazil, China, and Japan, the demand for ThinkPad 8 has been much stronger, so we are adjusting our ThinkPad 8 inventories to meet increasing demand in those markets. If market demand for ThinkPad 8 changes, we will re-evaluate our strategy,”

Microsoft Store currently seems to have some stocks of ThinkPad 8, grab it before it goes out of stock.

Check out Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Tablet deal here.


  • icanhazinternet

    Because no one wants full blown Win8 on an 8″ device. There are *very* few use cases for it.
    Help us Surface Mini, you’re our only hope…

    • Croc Ography

      I want full blown win 8 on an 8″ tablet, I just need proper pen support at that size

    • Bugbog

      Poor sales in the US; other countries around the world see value in the 8″ tabs (if they are available), as opposed to the US that is likely being dominated, marketing-wise, by the Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini.

    • iamwarpath

      I want a full blown Windows 8 tablet and I think the Thinkpad 8 is the best to date but it was missing a GPS and LTE option for me to buy one. No RT for me.

  • iamwarpath

    Very simple concept, make something people want and they will buy it. I didn’t want a tablet without a GPS chip and SIM Card slot.

    • No4GandGPSjustBS

      Without 4G & GPS just BS.

      • iamwarpath

        They are suppose to ship the 8 inch Yoga 2 with Windows 8 in November. The available model doesn’t have 4G & GPS but they said it will be coming soon. Hope it is not a repeat of the Thinkpad 8.

  • nilchak

    You all do realize (and some of the want comments point that out) that most that want a 8″ full windows tablet, want their own specialized version, with Pen support, LTE support, maybe a phone radio included, or some with GPS radio needs etc. This is not a market any mfr wants to cater to. They will café to the lowest common denominator interns of features that “everyone” needs, not specialized and sometimes even whimsical needs.
    This is where the RT version fills in. It has got basic features that most people will want on a small tablet.
    Just saying I will but a tablet which has will not be enough to allow hardware manufacturers from catering to such a small target group.

  • Bchau

    If it comes with a Wacom pen (like the Galaxy Note 8) and a GPS, then I am all in.

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