Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga hits UK for $1600, promptly sells out

Lenovo has finally brought the IdeaPad Yoga to UK retail, with the device being sold for £999 (around $1600) by electronics chain Currys. The device was launched with the above ad on national TV.

Despite the steep price the convertible laptop has promptly sold out online. In fact it seems UK does have a taste for new form factors, with the HP Envy X2 for £799 also selling out, as did the HP Spectre XT

According to rumours Microsoft blamed tepid early sales of Windows 8 on disappointing products by OEMs.  It is nice to see the market responding to the more innovative form factors. Hopefully the same OEMs can address the unnecessary premium which will also work against better sales.


  • koenshaku

    It was a little premature to say these systems were not selling anyway since the holidays are still approaching.

  • guest

    Don’t these people know we’re in the post PC era? 😉

  • Mark Crowly

    its not sold out its never been in stock its been on there website for over 2 weeks and always said sold out i phoned them and they have no release date for it i also phoned lenovo they said muddle of november but again bo definate date i will be first to order one but definately none have hit uk yet

  • my_kane

    The “problem” with Win8 sales currently is neither the OS, nor the devices. Its – at least here in Germany – availability and price. A month after launch almost no “real” (touch) Win8 devices are available. And those that are available are overpriced.

    The Surface is the cheapest available touch-device by some margin, then there’s the VivoTabRT (more expensive without dock than the Surface with touch-cover) and the Samsung ATIV (the Atom one, starts at 699€ without dock – which is like 900$). Acer seems to have much better prices, but none of their devices are available. That is NOT how you create a buzz and build up demand.

    Seriously the execution of the Win8 PCs/devices launch is abysmal and any excitement-driven sales that might have pushed more units were messed up by the OEM’s launch strategies. If I was MS I’d be pissed too.

  • Stix

    This article is of no use to anyone interested in the UK consumer’s demand for to Yoga as PC World and Currys in the UK have had this item listed on their page for near 4 weeks now with not one unit sold. It has not even been in stock. I have contacted them myself as I was interested in buying one of these only to find that they have absolutely no idea when Lenovo will be shipping the first batch of stock to their stores.

    To me, it would seem that the rumors about the power management issues Intel have been having with their processors is a real problem. Everybody is remaining incredibly tight-lipped on specific release dates for any of the new Windows 8 Ultrabooks and tablets in the UK. One site is listing the Acer Iconia W700 tablet as not being scheduled for delivery until at least the 1st Jan 2013! This is rather pathetic considering it was due for coincidental release with Windows 8. The Surface is nigh on useless with the RT factor too. I, like many others would like to use my existent x86 applications in Windows. They should have released Surface Pro at the same time.

    I am very surprised at the lack of media reporting on this massive fail. It would have been appreciated if Microsoft and Intel were a little more transparent about the problems they are having….it didnt hurt apple too badly when they had problems with the iPhone 4 external casing. This smokescreening will only play into Apple’s hands, particularly over the Christmas period and will condemn Windows 8 to being a real slow burner.

    Microsoft, Intel…whoever is at fault, sort it out! You have disappointed many….