Lenovo Overtakes Apple To Become No.3 In US PC Shipments, Continues To Outperform Market

Lenovo today announced its results for fourth fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2014. Lenovo maintained its number one position in PCs, adding 2.1% of market share to post a record 17.7 percent total share for the full-year, while the industry saw a decline of 8 percent during this same period. Lenovo’s laptop PC business worldwide in the Q4 increased 16% year-over-year to US$4.8 billion and Lenovo’s desktop PC shipment grew 6.8 percent worldwide year-over-year, against an industry decline of 3.1 percent worldwide.

Another important milestone for Lenovo is that they have surpassed Apple to take the number three position in PC shipments in the fourth quarter in the US for the first time.

Lenovo’s PC shipments in the Americas in the fourth fiscal quarter increased 18 percent year-over-year, in a market that fell by about 8 percent. In this environment, the Company gained 2.5 share points to a record high market share of 11.4 percent. Consolidated sales grew 23 percent year-over-year to approximately US$2 billion in the fourth quarter, driven by strong growth across all products. This represented 21 percent of Lenovo’s total worldwide sales. In the US, during the fourth quarter, Lenovo surpassed Apple in PC units, while achieving the number 3 position for the first time in this critical market with record share at 10.8 percent. The Company continued to invest in its fast growing Brazil and Latin America businesses.

Source: Lenovo

  • koenshaku

    Who is in 1st and 2nd position?

    • Bugbog

      HP and Dell, I think. (In the US). Lenovo was already No.1 worldwide anyway. They’ve just moved to No.3 in Apple’s own backyard.

  • GG002

    Go Lenovo! I still love my Y500 to bits (no pun intended)!

  • Vincent Haakmat

    Good for them.. I like it that they’re thinking outside the box, therefore coming out with refreshingly different laptops, ultrabooks, tablets and hybrids. HO and Dell are stock in the old framework of these devices. Now with Microsoft building “Tablops”, a new category has emerged from the ashes

    • Bugbog

      I’d go with “Comp-let” or “Com-tab”

  • DefinitelyAbsolute

    In 5 years they could literally be no major American hardware device makers, BB is going, Apple keeps losing market share to Android, MS os trying with Lumias and Surface. Motorola sold to Lenovo. With Android help Asian OEM’s are destroying the western counterparts.

    • Bugbog

      Hey, as long as Google gets its search and location info, who cares! Right? Anyone?!!

    • PoohGQ

      What’s the difference all hardware is made in Asia right now anyway!

  • SEB

    this should shut out “the PC is dead” propagandists