Lenovo To Feature Ashton Kutcher To Promote New Windows Devices

Lenovo Aston Kutcher

Lenovo started teasing about its upcoming tablet last month. Few months back, there were reports that Ashton Kutcher had signed a $10 million deal to become a spokesperson for Lenovo and the latest teaser images on Facebook for its upcoming tablet have confirmed them. The above image is one such example. Lenovo has also posted few video teasers.

Lenovo is working on a Yoga Windows tablet that will have some new form factor in which it will have two small stands on the sides. Lenovo posted on its teaser page that ”It’s time for a tablet that can hold its own.”

Earlier Lenovo SVP and head of China, Chen Xudong, on Sina Weibo confirmed that Lenovo is launching this tablet in Oct and the teaser site has confirmed the Oct 30th date. The Yoga tablet will be powered by Intel Bay Trail processor, and will also take the title of becoming the world’s slimmest tablet with the longest standby battery life.

Source: Lenovo via: Neowin

  • Habib Wakil

    Smart move…they got ‘Steve Jobs’ to pimp Windows!

    • NegLewis

      That’s so freaking genius. The one who thought at that deserves a Nobel Prize for Everything. I can’t stop thinking about that.

      • wp77

        Wonder is this will send the iSheeps into a tizzy?

  • etios

    Awesome, Lenovo needs some publicity for the good products they are launching and Aston was doing a steve jobs role makes it even more awesome.

  • SategB

    Lenovo is about the only company that build a laptop of any quality anymore but your going to pay premium for it and we consistently see over and over most PC focus on price over quality.

  • reKitab

    $10 million is how many devices total?

    • wp77

      50,000 or so…

      • Zdenko

        No OEM makes about an average of < $40 per Window PC

        So it would be between 300,000 to 500,000 units

  • NegLewis

    IF they will do that, I will buy ONLY Lenovo devices for the rest of my life… and a will make all my friends and Family to buy tickets to THAT movie… in fact ALL movies with AK.