Lenovo To Reveal A Tablet That Can Hold Its Own On Oct 30th

Lenovo Tablet Oct 30th

Lenovo is working on a Yoga Windows tablet that will have some new form factor in which it will have two small stands on the sides. Lenovo posted on its teaser page that “It’s time for a tablet that can hold its own.”

Earlier Lenovo SVP and head of China, Chen Xudong, on Sina Weibo confirmed that Lenovo is launching this tablet in Oct and the teaser site has confirmed the Oct 30th data. The Yoga tablet will be powered by Intel Bay Trail processor, and will also take the title of becoming the world’s slimmest tablet with the longest standby battery life.

Source: Lenovo

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is great, Android and iO.S. existed on Tablet-P.C.’s for years… almost no innovations, Windows 8 comes, these things are popping up like crazy 😀

  • IamDefiler

    I’m intrigued…

  • Bugbog

    Just looks like they are going to use a cover that isn’t held on with magnets is all!?

  • rjmlive

    Meanwhile at HP…

    Engineer 1: You guys see that new Surface 2 and Pro 2 yet?

    Engineer 2: Yeah, I’m getting a Pro 2 to replace my Envy and Ipad.

    Engineer 3: Nice I’m getting the RT, so slick and Office on it of course. Such an amazing keyboard cover. Oh Shit, here she comes.

    Megs: What’s going on in here?!

    Engineer 1: Well, we each found something to spend our R&D budget on.. and we only had to chip in a couple bucks each.

  • prettyconfusd

    I can only assume it’ll be the same design as the new Android Yoga Tablets: http://www.phonesreview.co.uk/2013/10/07/new-lenovo-ideapad-8-and-10-inch-android-yoga-tablets/ Hopefully they’ll also do an 8 and 10″ version with Baytrail (and a stylus!)

  • cmwind

    I believe these are just the two android tablets that have already been UNOFFICIALLY announced… would rather see a Thinkpad Tablet 3 and a Thinkpad Tablet Mini (8″)

  • tropolite

    I’m (im)patiently waiting for the Lenovo Miix8 that was previewed months ago, their 8″ Win8 device.

    With all the new innovations of hybrids, tablets, ultrabooks all-in-ones, that will be released shortly after Win8.1 is released, is anyone else finding their shopping list is getting WAAAAY long!?

    I’ve already got a Surface Pro (Love it), RT (like it), and preordered a Surface Pro 2 but I’m still shopping.

  • koenshaku

    Soon as I saw the words bay trail I looked the other way.