Lenovo Working On A Super High-resolution Razor-Thin Ultrabook

Lenono ThinkPad 9 2

Lenovo is working on a truly incredible Ultrabook that may become the thinnest Ultrabook to date. This Lenovo 9 Slim will come in a standard Ultrabook design and it will measure just 9.74mm(.38-inches) thick. Even some tablets and smartphones nowadays are thicker when compared to this one. It has a Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic exterior and interior is made of magnesium alloy casing. It is expected to weigh under 1kg.

Being a thinner device doesn’t mean it has inferior specs, it will sport a 13-inch display with a resolution of 3200 × 1800 and it is a 10-point multi-touch as well. There is no information on when this device will be released to the public. I hope it comes sooner! !

Lenono ThinkPad 9 3 Lenono ThinkPad 9 1

via: Mobile GeeksYesky

  • Zicoz

    If Dell doesn’t bring back its Adamo XPS now that they’re going private, this might be my next laptop

  • Yuan Taizong

    Many people praise the Macbook Air for being thin, but there are many Windows devices on the market way thinner, thanks to Lenovo people can put their Crapbooks away and buy a computer with power.

  • IamDefiler

    Give it Yoga abilities with a digitizer/pen and I’m sold!

  • Tech_Reader

    I can only say !!
    OMFG !!!
    Bring it on..

  • TOM

    I’m more and more impressed with Lenovo!
    I’m shopping for a new PC, this could be the One!

  • wookey

    Nice display, but what use is a machine too thin to plug an ethernet cable into? And lenovo used to have nice keyboards, not these horrid island-key ones. Seems to me that the pinnacle of high-portability laptop design with the x200s and x220s if you can live with the crummy LED setup. Which is why you see geek conferences where more than half the attendees have these things. Lenovo seem to be losing the plot since then. But I guess this is aimed at the sort of people that bought macbooks, not proper geeks.

  • SategB

    But as BugBog informed us all, there is no innovation in T.L.F. (Thinner, Lighter Faster) and no one care; it so two year ago*

    *Unless it is another keyboard then TLF is innovation on par to the Manhattan Project