Limited Edition White Xbox One Is Up On eBay For Bidding

Microsoft Xbox One White

Microsoft produced limited edition Xbox One White units for its employees who worked on Xbox One team. It came with couple of white controllers with “I MADE THIS LAUNCH TEAM 2013” message on the both the controller. One of such console is now available for bidding on eBay. Currently highest bid amount is $2125! If you want to own this rare product, start bidding.

Here is your chance to get a very rare limited edition Xbox One in white.  These were made for Xbox employees only so you will never find these in any store.  The white console and white controller both say “I MADE THIS LAUNCH TEAM 2013”

This item is new, but since it is rare and the first ever to be made available to the public, I had to remove it from the box for pictures.
This auction includes;
Limited Edition White Xbox One model 1540 w/Kinect
One black regular controller (does not say I MADE THIS)
One white controller (says I MADE THIS)
One white Xbox One (says I MADE THIS)
Four XBOX One video games; Dead Rising 3, Ryse Son of Rome, Forza 5, Zoo Tycoon (all unopened)
All the cables, headset etc that comes standard in the Xbox One package. (there was no need for me to remove these items)
Free USPS Priority Mail shipping.  US buyers only (No International shipping at all, so please don’t ask).  PayPal only and I expect immediate payment (please don’t ask about the reserve).  This item is sold as-is and is not returnable (warranty through Microsoft).   

Since this limited edition Xbox is so rare, I am not going to place a “buy it now” price on this auction.  Regardless if I change my mind on this (or you convince me with a nice offer) it will not be sold before November 22nd.

This Xbox is also considered a “Day One” Xbox, so it comes with the code for the Day One Achievement.

Source: eBay

  • Guest

    Hope this special One doesn’t go green screen like mine did :(

    At least MIcrosoft is sending me a new one!!!!

    • Zdenko

      Sorry to hear, but your not alone. 2 of my buddies XB1 had disk issues. But Microsoft is taking care of them. One of them waited 5 hours on hold for customer service-that is dedication!

      • Guest

        I can assure you I am not a troll. Just because my xBox malfunctioned, I understand it is just bad luck. Any manufacture has a few defects and I am not making a big deal of it. That is why I said the company is taking care of me. Yes I am disappointed my unit is bad I still like xBox and will play when it finally shows up.

        • Zdenko

          No worries, I didn’t think you were. Grant it there is a few her that are just looking for a fight and will attack if you say the smallest thing they deem as anti-MSFT but it is just a few ( but they post a lot).
          Hope your new unit shows up soon.

    • WPhan

      I think you may be trolling. The issue with hardware on the Xbox is not that big of a deal, in fact the XboxOne issues are about the same size as the PS4 issues.

      So show some class or F-off.