Linkin Park Partners With Xbox One Project Spark Team To Launch Interactive Music Video

Linkin Park has partnered with with Team Dakota(the developers behind Project Spark) and Microsoft Studios to create a new experience in the delivery of music and video games. In celebration of Linkin Park’s upcoming album, Linkin Park has created the first-ever entirely remixable and interactive music video and gameplay experience using Project Spark.

Built by “Project Spark” developers Team Dakota in collaboration with Linkin Park, the game level “Guilty all the Same” features the new hit single and provide everyone with a remixable gameplay experience and audio remix station enabling them to build whatever they want. “Project Spark” unlocks imagination and creativity like never before, for free on Xbox One and Windows 8.1.

“Project Spark” beta is now open to everyone on Xbox One and PC. You can find more info at and on Xbox One, join a community of creators and players, and experience the “Guilty All the Same” level exclusivity on “Project Spark” today!

Source: Xbox


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    Aren’t they a nu metal back in the 90’s? Who knew they was still around. I guess the XBox is being marketed to the 35-40 year old crowd.