Live Now: Watch Satya Nadella’s Customer and Partner Webcast

After the official announcement about Satya becoming the CEO of Microsoft, he is now on public webcast which you can enjoy. Satya Nadella is strong advocate for customers and partners, and proven leader with strong technical and engineering expertise. He is addressing customers and partners for the first time as CEO during a Customer and Partner Webcast event.

Watch the webcast here.

Steve Ballmer, Satya Nadella and Bill Gates addressed a gathering at Microsoft today. Watch the photos from the event below.

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  • Asgard

    By watching this its quite clear that we all should be happy that the business-only arrogant Ballmer is replased by this man…

    • Nham Thien Duong

      In case you forgot, Ballmer spearheaded Xbox, he did a lot for the consumers ¿don’t believe me? look at the Xbox 360, the console-king of America, in all of American console-history (note that this is the country that ”gave up on video-games”), and Windows Phone (replacing Windows Mobile) was/is the perfect consumer-phone, as for Windows P.C.’s they have a lot of consumer-friendly and developer-friendly features, in fact, Ballmer is probably one of the most developer friendly people on earth, and Windows greatly profited from it, Windows (on the Desktop) has more applications/programmes than Linux, Google, and Apple combined, other C.E.O.’s might’ve ”broken with the past” and forced everyone to re-write, Windows 8.1 Update 1 will include an Enterprize mode to help companies use/run legacy applications/programmes, so Windows is only booking forward, like Office (and yes, I love the Ribbon).

  • Alisonk

    Ballmer was a wonderful CEO, he will be greatly missed. I know, I worked for him for many years.

    • Guest

      Ballmer was the worst thing to happen to the company his arrogance and stupidity made the company miss important trends in the market that will impact the company extremely negatively for years to come.

      • Nham Thien Duong

        Wrong, Ballmer was well aware of Mobile, console-games, and pretty much any ”major trend”, the problem was marketing. :-(