Logitech T650 wireless touchpad on Windows 8 reviewed

Andy Bryant posted this hands-on review of the Logitech T650 Wireless Touch pad, which brings support for Windows 8 gestures to desktops and laptops which lack multi-touch touchpads.

The device appears to work very well, and is very responsive, but has a few issues, including some ergonomics issues and flaws in multi-monitor support.

Andy concludes:

If you’re used to using a touchpad on a laptop, and are migrating to Windows 8 on a single-screen non-touch PC, then I’d say unreservedly yes. The benefits you get from gestures under Win8 outweigh the complexity of right-click drag on the desktop.

If you’re using a multiple-monitor setup, it does work, but you just won’t gain quite as much primarily because Microsoft hasn’t quite optimized the interaction between the Win8 mode,  and desktop mode across both screens. That said, it is quite usable – and I’m going to continue using mine on my home PC.

The wireless pad is $85.99 and can be found at Amazon here.

Read his full review here.


  • http://www.facebook.com/Longshot9 John Hough

    FYI, I bought one for $60 at Office Depot. And returned it a few days later. It was cool, but eventually my hand just didn’t like it. Uncomfortable, and every time I swiped left to right to get across my monitors, it switched apps. Irritating when you’re just trying to move the cursor. I know I can turn that off, but I still would like to have the capability to do it when I want to. It’s just a bit too sensitive for it.