Logitech Working With Microsoft To Make Harmony Work For Xbox One

Logitech Harmony Xbox One

Logitech’s Harmony universal remote comes with support for remote control compatibility of over 225,000 home theater devices. Harmony devices can connect to other devices via IR or Bluetooth. Harmony already supports Xbox 360 and they Logitech has announced they they working with Microsoft Xbox team for Xbox One support on day one.

“We are working directly with the Xbox team at MSFT to have Harmony support on Day 1 of Xbox One launch,”

FYI, Sony PS4 will not work with Harmony.

via: Polygon

  • http://g00.cc/ SpitefulGOD

    Forget that POS, get the amulet remote working!!!!

  • counterblow

    whew almost forgot about this….my 360 is completely integrated with my Harmony…I will put off my purchase until they have support….very important to me!

    • nohone

      They say they are working on day one support. If it stretches out to day two or three, you will put off buying because of a couple days?

      Edit: Actually, I have been looking at getting one of these remotes, and after going to the Harmony web site, they say it is already supported for the X1.

  • textomatic

    This is great news! I have two Harmony remotes and love them! And let me guess, the PS4 only uses Bluetooth? Another reason why I went with the Xbox One.