Look At Microsoft’s Whole Product Portfolio In One Image

Today I came across an interesting image which lists the whole Microsoft Product Portfolio. As you can see in the image above, you should realize the true length & breadth of Microsoft’s product offerings. Recently I found some people criticizing Microsoft on its new preview homepage design for Microsoft.com. I think its not possible to create a single website with single design to suit all of the Microsoft’s customers at once.

via: Hosam Kamel from Microsoft

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000678662470 Vincent Haakmat

    And people still think that Apple is more valuable than Microsoft with their 3 product offering (iPhone, iPad, iMac)

    • nickcraze

      the funny thing is that Apple’s 3 product offering are a subset of the other. 

    • AaronDotNET

      I have been pointing that out for a while.  Apple may be having crazy good profits right now, but they lack diversity.  If iOS looses popularity to Android of WP/W8, then Apple is in serious trouble.  MS meanwhile has Windows, Office, Server, Xbox, ect…

  • sk_mcmlx

    I still miss MS Money. Always hoping it will show up somewhere

  • Monkey D Black


  • http://twitter.com/joepann Kitab

    Holy kamoley:)

  • lbastos

    so no office 2010, no office Mac, no xbox, no bing, no forza, no visual studio…

    Check what you publish before titling such a page like that…

    • Dasfoto

      Microsoft Products Portfolio (Enterprise View) – that’s why there is no XBox. Office 2010 is on the first line as is Bing. But you are right about the headline being misleading.

      • http://twitter.com/joepann Kitab

        No XBox nor Kinect? Holy Kamomoole!

    • http://www.twitter.com/wixostrix WixosTrix

      The chart says enterprise portfolio, those are all consumer products, with Office 2010 being covered under Office 365 and I’m sure VS is covered somewhere for enterprise development.

      The title could be misleading had this site not primarily focus on enterprise.

      • AnonyMLA

        Most of Visual Studio, at least the parts they consider the enterprise component of development, is listed vertically with Team Foundation Server and the other application lifecycle components.  Microsoft views Visual Studio (the basic IDE) as a core development technology but the ALM tools are the enterprise component.

  • J A

    This is a company that is going to be relevant for ages to come because they have a product for everyone and everything and they continue to innovate even much more than most others. Why do you think they own the most valuable patent portfolio in the tech industry?

  • darthtigris

    So THIS is what Google is trying to move on with their business suite?  Yeah, good luck with that …

  • http://twitter.com/joepann Kitab

    No XBox nor Kinect? Holy Kamomoole!

  • Marc

    Remember, many of these are operating at a loss (Azure) and others are subsidizing those that are running at a loss.

  • ej2020