Los Angeles School District Finally Realizes That iPads Are Not Best Suitable For Students

America’s second largest school district made a big announcement last year that they will be giving all its students iPads. While students and teachers community welcomed the news, many education analysts questioned the effectiveness of iPads in classrooms. Now, Los Angeles school district has realized that iPads are not the best in the business when it comes to students. They are now allowing schools to choose from six different Windows laptop computers for their students instead of iPads. In the fall, administrators, teachers and students at those schools will test the laptops to determine the device they should be used going forward. Also, the previously planned distribution of the iPads is on hold. This is not the first time they have put on hold the roll out of iPads. Last year, students found an easy way to bypass iPad’s profile system which restricted them from accessing social networks and other content.

Lenovo Yoga Touch, Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Dell Latitude E7240, Chromebooks are in the list of devices being chosen for testing.

“The Surface is really sexy, but I was concerned about the detachable keyboard, about students losing or breaking it,” McKnight said. Some of the devices are hybrids, combining features of a touch screen tablet with traditional strengths of a laptop, such as multiple ports and the ability to run several programs at once.

The deadline for making selections was Friday. McNight chose the Lenovo for her school. She liked being able to flip the screen to the other side for use as a camera, and the option of writing on the screen with a stylus. McNight hadn’t been as impressed with the iPad, which many of her students used for taking new state standardized tests in the spring. The school also had some older laptops available for the exams.

“Students were more comfortable on the laptop because of the amount of writing and the size of the screen,” she said. “It was really hard to see the whole problem on the iPad.”

I guess Surface Pro 3 might be the best choice for these schools. It offers great form factor, stylus support, long battery life and the most secure and manageable tablet OS available on the market.

Source: LATimes

  • david

    Something is content consumption device and totally another thing is device used for actual work.

  • Asgard

    iPad must be the best because it has most apps. Another proof that the amount of apps doesn’t directly convert into amount of actual features.

    • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

      iPad is great to CONSUME content. But in studying it’s needed to PRODUCE content. In this case iPad became a crap.

    • VHMP01

      That is also a mith! Windows has the most Apps, the thing is Appletons just named ‘Apps’ what really are ‘Programs’, so cosidering ALL programs as ‘Apps’, Windows must have a billion since 30 or so years ago.

  • sri_tech

    Honestly Lenovo Yoga is the best choice for schools than Surface Pro in my opinion. There will be lot of note taking and actual keyboard is more important than portability.
    Lenovo should support wacom or n-trig from next gen and bundle the pen.

    • jippy

      I agree with you that the Lenovo Yoga is a very awesome product but I would consider it as equal to the surface pro 3 with type Cover. At least the students would be able to choose their cover colors and it would be nice to see in the classroom and you would recognize more easily your tablet if somebody put another one beside.

  • xxcorpxx

    and finally the hype dies and reality sets in.

    • VHMP01

      Though silliness costed lost of peoples taxes!

    • Xieuqu Zoie

      I think it is unproductive view to think that iPad success is “hype” even in context if this story. iPad a great tools for specific jobs while PC is great tool for other specific jobs.

      Trying to define a tablet by a PC definition misses the point of why tablets have been so successful. It why Microsoft has finally started to advertise Surface as a laptop first. People use tablets for simplicity.

      So let’s not think its a either or but let’s just help people understand when specific tools should be used.

  • kain0m

    Seems the criticism over that ridiculous deal has finally hit home (they paid slightly more than the MSRP for the iPads, despite buying huge quantities).

  • jaylyric

    The Surface Pro 3 would probably be an excellent choice,except for the worries about the detachable keyboard. I could understand that argument here referring to the SP2. The Lenovo would be the best choice here.

  • deathdealer351

    MS should roll out their version of eBook learning. Make it easier to get text books

  • http://www.mainstreetchatham.com/ JimmyFal

    Surface Pro 3 is the best experience hands down. But it’s too expensive at this point in time, and needs to be managed by IT in a student environment, because no matter how much people “think” that kids are “great” with computers, my reality is that on Windows Pc’s they do more bad downloading of crapola links and Malware than anyone. Thanks Minecraft, Java, and all the trickery involved in getting people to click.

    I bet there will be significant price drops to come, and that is why it was released now to get the first wave of enthusiast buyers with eventual incentive pricing to come. This device has completely changed the game for me and replaces my 15.6″ laptop, my Surface 2, AND my clipboard. OneNote is a killer application.

    • koenshaku

      It is expensive if you want an I7 with the device.

  • koenshaku

    They offer a chromebook and no MacBook? That would be funny.

  • jvs


  • boohooboohooboo

    no wonder california is bankrupt.

  • Marco Alia Lanese

    sure… a convertible is more stronger than a magnet detachable keyboard…

    are you kidding me? someone ever used a convertible (inspiron duo and xps12 apart) for more than one year whitout problems of shacking parts? or broken parts?

    also the MS keyboard can be replaced or the school can buy cheaper compatible hardware if they are afraid for behaviors, however, when I was in the school with my Acer Tm-110 no one used it in an improper way…and is still working