Lucky Surface Pro owners “love their device”

The Examiner has interviewed some new Surface Pro owners 2 days after they took their Windows 8 tablets home, and found them pretty satisfied with their devices.

"I’ve had this thing by my side for the past three days," says Jesse Fuentes, an engineer in Los Angeles." It is by far the best device I have ever owned. I can do everything I can with this that I could my MacBook Air and iPad," he continues.

Yong Lee, a marketing manager,  also fell in love. "I am more of an Apple person than Microsoft. But the Surface Pro is a better piece of hardware than Apple has ever made," Lee says. Lee agrees that the battery life is subpar, but it’s not a disaster.

"This is a laptop replacement, not a tablet replacement," says high school math teacher Jennifer Parsons. "The battery life is on par with most ultrabooks. Students can send me their work in PDF format and I can grade it right on the Surface Pro and then send it back," she continues.

The Examiner concludes the owners “all love their device” which bodes well for Microsoft’s plans to introduce more Surface products in the future.

Are any of our readers lucky Surface Pro owners? Let us know your experience below.

Thanks JamesSB for the tip.


  • GG002

    All I can say is: I WISH. Though I’m still really happy with RT!

    • ErikPienknagura

      Me too, i have a Surface RT, its a little downer that you cant install everything but its been such a pleasure, with the firmware updates the device just becomes more awesome, everyone that sees it just loves it!

      • GG002

        Yes indeed, but considering I bought it as an advanced tablet that kicks iPad’s ass, it does exactly what I want! And long battery life is awesome.

        • ErikPienknagura

          yea, its just much better, my cousing bought a ipad mini against my advice to buy an windows 8 RT device, he now regrets it!

      • Bugbog

        I Did have the opportunity to install whatever I wanted (when I had the Acer W500), that’s why I went for the RT. (That and the lighter package).

        If, however, one requires a Tablet that can do everthing an Ultrabook can do [and more!], then the Surface Pro is it!

    • Rolf

      So do I! RT works well and I miss nothing! All I have to do ist possible with this great tablet.

  • Mythos88

    I’m really hoping Nokia introduces a 10″+ pro tablet with cellular and GPS at MWC later this month. If not, I’ll likely grab a Surface for now.

    • Bugbog

      It think it highly unlikely, should Nokia decide to ever release a tablet, that they’ll want to play in Microsoft’s “Pro” field!?

    • Madhav K Infinity

      Nokia will probably release a 9.7 inch 399$ Windows RT tablet !!

  • hysonmb

    I’m another happy Surface Pro owner :D.
    My boss saw it this afternoon and we may be getting some to distribute in the office instead of iPads!

    • frankwick

      It’s a no brainer to me for a small office. An ipad is a companion device to another computer (So I sthe Surface RT). But the Surface Pro is a real computer so you inly need one device.

  • Ahmed M Alrasheed

    battery life really disappointed…
    ms will be in trouble if they released a new one in nov with haswell ( too soon ), or if they waited too long for apple counter strike

    • TheOne2125

      Like people say they notice the battery but having hardware that does touch as well as the ipad but actually gives you the power of a notebook. Screw the battery, you don’t a app for this hardware it just works with everything.

    • hysonmb

      Your use case will drive the outcome but you can get more than 4 hours depending on how you use the machine. I posted this on The Verge an hour ago:
      “I took my Surface to work today and went through my normal day of meetings. Before going to work, I configured the power options in the same way I had my old Samsung Series 7 Slate set up:

      Create a custom plan based on the Power Saver plan

      Disable the adaptive brightness and set screen brightness to 30%

      Set the Wireless Power Adapter to Max Power Saving

      Set the display to turn off in 5 min and sleep to 15

      With this plan saved and applied, I also turn on Airplane Mode since we don’t have wireless in the office.
      I attended meetings where I use OneNote relentlessly. Sitting at my desk, I reference the notes that I took during the meetings. When commuting between locations, I read a couple of pages from a book I have saved in Kindle. For a few minutes close to the end of the day I did turn on the wireless adapter to establish a remote connection. Also, being that it’s something new, it was constantly on and off as various people wanted to check it out. I pulled it off the charger this morning around 7:30- it’s now 5:51 and I’ve got 53% battery remaining. So, as with anything your use case will vary but the battery is no issue for me!”
      Right now, it’s 6:55pm, it’s still off the charger but I’ve not been using it and I still have 45% remaining.

    • damackdaddy1

      I’ve been using mine for over 12 hours on a single charge today – default power plan, normal daily use, just as I would use my laptop. Still have 30% battery.

  • Xe Duong

    i got the pro 64gb from staples that morning. cant stop using it. best device i ever own.

  • Tom McKee

    reserved 128 GB @ bestbuy came in today love it. Best computer have ever owned been a PC user since 1983

  • Raif Copeland

    Love my Surface Pro. Pre-ordered 2/8. Picked up today at Best Buy. Already installing a couple of games, Office, Graphics Programs. All smooth so far.

  • damackdaddy1

    Best…device…EVER! I love my 128GB Pro. I’ve been using it as my primary device for 3 days. I love it both as a tablet and a productivity machine.

  • damackdaddy1

    Oh, and I am typing this while COMFORTABLY holding my Pro as a tablet.

  • fachru

    I Wish microsoft will release it in Southeast Asia. T_T

  • lachlan

    Can someone with a pro can you tell me with the brightness on the lowest setting does the screen backlight turn off? (like a mac does) because my hp brightness doesn’t go down enough and it annoys me when im in lectures.

  • Jeff Magill

    Just received my Pro yesterday. It’s honestly the best device I have ever owned, of any kind. It is just a beautiful piece of hardware coupled with a brilliant OS. I will try and address all of the negatives that I’ve read about on various reviews from the major tech sites. Everything, except battery life, is a complete myth and non-issue. And for the vast majority of users, including me, even battery life will never be an issue.

    1) You can’t use it on your lap like a laptop. I guess that’s why I’m sitting on my couch now writing this comment with the Surface Pro comfortably sitting on my lap just as I would have a traditional laptop. This is a complete non-issue.

    2) You can’t use desktop apps with your finger. First off, why would anyone in their right mind think you can do much of anything in a desktop app with your finger? That said, I haven’t had a single mis-tap of any kind in any desktop app so far, and that includes all of the Office programs, Lightroom, Photoshop, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and others. Sure, if you’re haphazardly stabbing at the screen you’ll tap the wrong thing, but so far I’ve found navigating around on the desktop with my finger(s) a complete breeze.

    3) It’s too heavy. It’s a half-pound more than an iPad, which runs on a phone OS. It’s a 2 lbs convergence device that can effectively replace your desktop, laptop, and tablet. Again, it’s 2 lbs folks. Yes, you won’t be holding it by the edge with one hand for long, but shaving off a half pound to get to iPad weight wouldn’t change that. But if you place your hand under the device you can easily one-hand it for long periods of time. If you can’t, I recommend some exercises with 2 lbs dumbbells. This is a complete non-issue.

    4) It costs too much. Compared to what? Most of the comparisons have been against an iPad, which as we all know is non-sense given that the iPad is just a big smartphone. But OK, let’s go with it. A 128GB Wi-Fi iPad, with external keyboard and stand is going to cost you about $900. The Surface Pro with TypeCover is $1,129. For an extra $229 over the iPad you get a full computer that can replace your desktop, laptop, and tablet. The iPad is nothing more than a consumption companion device. I’d say the Surface Pro is an absolute bargain, with the iPad being a VERY expensive toy.
    Also, most of the comparisons have said an 11″ Mac Air and an iPad are a better combo. OK, taking that argument, then what you’d be saying is you’d prefer two devices weighing a combined 3.82 lbs and costing $1,800 over a single device that weighs 2 lbs and costs $1,129…all for some extra battery life. It’s a non-sense argument.

    5) There’s not enough disk space. It’s the same as the 11″ Mac Air. Non-issue. But if the 128GB isn’t enough, pop in a 64GB sdxc card for $50. Or you could get a 64GB iPad for $699. Your choice.

    6) And the big one, battery life. I’ve only used it off and on for a few hours off battery, but from what I can see battery life is going to be a non-issue for the vast majority of users. The only time I could see it being an issue would be on a long flight. But just maybe. Given that most applications don’t require tons of horsepower for normal use, putting the device in Power Saving mode, setting the screen brightness to something reasonable, and turning off any connections you don’t need, I’m thinking you could realistically get 5-6 hours out of this thing. It’s just a guess, but I think it’s doable. Again, for the vast majority of people battery life is not going to be an issue at all.

    Those are the major negatives I’ve read. As you can see, from a real world perspective they are complete non-sense. Utter and complete non-sense.

    I’ve only had the device for a day, having used it for maybe 4-5 hours total. My experience so far has been absolutely stellar. Setup was an absolute breeze. I turned it on, a few seconds later I entered my email address to create my user account, all of my OS settings were synced from the cloud, and I installed a copy of Office 365. When I got home I installed all of my Windows Store apps, Lightroom, and Photoshop (can’t do that on an iPad). Hell, my home Wi-Fi network was even synced from the cloud. When I got home it auto connected without me having to do anything. Brilliant. My SkyDrive docs are all synced, my OneNote all synced, my email accounts setup, etc. This has been the most painless computer setup experience I’ve ever had. I’d say it’s been just as easy as setting up my Windows Phone, which was child’s play.

    A few specifics. The screen is gorgeous. Straight out of the box, with no calibrating, it’s just gorgeous. I’ll likely calibrate it because I do a lot of photo editing, but were it not that I’m so particular I’d never even consider that the screen wasn’t perfect. The colors, the text, everything. It’s probably the best screen I have ever seen on any type of device.
    Windows 8 really comes into its own with touch. Even while using the Type Cover I find myself using onscreen gestures quite a lot. With this compact form factor it seems incredibly natural because your hands are only a few inches from the screen. So far all motions have been seamless and fluid. Windows 8 is really a brilliant OS and shines in a touch world.

    The Type Cover is just about as perfect a keyboard as you can get in this size. I’m typing on it now and I’m typing almost as fast as I would be with a full size desktop keyboard. Keep in mind I’ve only used the keyboard for maybe an hour or two, so with time it will get better.

    This thing is fast. With the i5 there is no hesitation with anything particularly given that it’s coupled with an SSD. The Surface Pro is much faster than my 5 year old desktop running Windows 8, with a Caviar HD, 8GB of RAM, and a 2GB video card. All in a 2 lbs device. Amazing.

    I was talking to the head of my company’s “digital experience” department yesterday. He manages our company’s external digital footprint (web, mobile, etc.). He told me to keep him updated on how I like the Surface Pro because he can’t do anything productive on his iPad. So he has a $699+ device that he can’t do any productive work on. Seems senseless, doesn’t it?

    And this is where the Surface Pro really shines. Just looking at my company alone, using something like the Surface Pro would be a HUGE cost savings. Currently only our executives have iPads, and a few other folks. They have desktops and/or a laptop and an iPad. All 2 or 3 of those devices could be replaced with a Surface Pro that costs $1,129 with the Type Cover. The only thing you’d need are an external monitor and an external full-size keyboard when you’re sitting at your desk, but they already have those.
    My company has spent tons of money and gobs of trying to get iPads to “just work”. All so our executives can check email and read PDF documents. It’s non-sense. With the Surface Pro, they can do everything they need with a single device, and because of its Windows base, being able to easily connect to corporate networks and such, it is much
    easier to deploy and manage, and it truly “just works”.

    Microsoft did a fantastic job with the Surface Pro, and Windows 8, and has proven that this form factor is the future of computing. People are reluctant to change, and they aren’t easily going to admit their $699+ iPad is just a toy. It will take time for the masses to see the benefit of something like the Surface Pro, but for those in the business world, those with even a little bit of tech savvy, the Surface Pro is currently a goto device.

    I hope you’ve found my comments helpful and I hope you are enjoying your Surface Pro as much as I am.