MagniEye for Microsoft Kinect aims to solve the ‘Small Room’ problem


More than 10 million Kinects have been sold, but for many people the amazing accessory is less than useful due to the space required to play it, with the controller needing quite large rooms.

MagniEye from game accessory maker Newbie Gaming aims to solve that problem, for only $29.99.

The accessory, currently available for pre-order on Amazon, claims the following features:

  • Special magnifier lens brings in Kinect’s field of vision
  • Allows the Kinect to be used in much smaller sized rooms
  • Easy installation; no modification to your Kinect needed
  • Silver

If it works, sounds like a steal to us!

Any of our readers interested in this accessory? Let us know below.


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  • Jumpinlily

    I hope the MAGNIEYE is available soon – after reading the reviews for the Zoom, we decided not to purchase it, but to wait for Magnieye.