Mandarin Oriental Hotels To Deploy Surface Pro 3 For Its Customers

Mandarin Oriental Surface Pro 3

Microsoft today announced their collaboration with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group to deploy Surface Pro 3 for premium digital experiences. Mandarin Oriental has already started piloting Microsoft Surface Pro tablets in four of their award-winning properties in London, Washington D.C., Las Vegas and Tokyo. These Surface Pro 3 devices will feature a custom Windows 8.1 start screen and modern touch apps that allow guests to quickly and easily request hotel services, such as housekeeping, laundry and in-room dining.

Microsoft Corp. has announced it will collaborate with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group to provide Windows 8.1 as a platform for delivering a premium digital experience to the luxury hotel group’s guests. The Group is piloting Microsoft Surface Pro tablets in four of its award-winning properties in London, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas and Tokyo, providing in-room tablets that feature a custom Windows 8.1 start screen and modern touch apps. In conjunction with Microsoft, Mandarin Oriental has created a suite of five custom Windows 8.1 touch apps, available in nine different languages, that manage services for in-room dining, concierge and housekeeping requests, a guest compendium that provides information about the hotel’s facilities, and access to guest feedback and guest preferences.

Mandarin Oriental’s intention is to make its wealth of online marketing content, hotel information and guest services more easily accessible to its digitally savvy guests. Leveraging the Microsoft platform, Mandarin Oriental is able to integrate a combination of services formerly offered via the television, telephone or guest directory with content available on the company’s website to deliver a more intuitive in-room experience for guests via custom touch apps running on Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.

Read the full press release here.

  • Bugbog

    The Future is Now.

    • hushv

      If this works well, other hotel chains will follow suit. The result, free marketing for Microsoft.

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