Massive Lines To Buy Surfaces Plague TechEd New Orleans

Today is “Day Zero” at Microsoft’s TechEd New Orleans 2013 Conference. We previously reported, Microsoft is allowing TechEd attendees with a full conference pass to buy a SurfaceRT for $99 (Touch Cover included) and a Surface Pro for $399. Our friend Mary-Jo Foley is reporting the line to buy the Surface is already over 1.5  hours long and shared some photos as proof

The line at #msteched for the surface deal. On day zero

Picture at TechEd 2013 near the front of the Surface purchasing line

One more pic of #msteched line for surface deal. One guy said took 1.5 hours. MS says they won't run out


Microsoft says they are well stocked in will not run out of Surfaces. I would not look at this deal as Microsoft shedding old inventory in preparation for a Surface refresh in the near future, but more of a “buy this and get ready for Windows 8.1”

Source: Mary-Jo Foley

  • Bugbog

    Even if this were a case of them shedding stock, I would pose this question: would you purchase the HTC Titan (WP7) if it were being offered @ £/$49.99?

    • Fabius Engel

      No but Surface gets an update to windows 8.1. The Titan will never get an update to wp8 😉

    • Rico Alexander

      Shedding stock? By only offering the deal to the limited numbers at a tech conference. Hell, some conferences give this stuff away.

  • xchaser

    Take Note Microsoft, please sell the Surface RT for $99 everyware and you got yourself a winner. That should be the base Price for the surface RT. I would buy one.

    • Rico Alexander

      Joke post?

    • José Villaró

      Sure… you want it gold plated also? They can’t sell it at that price, they’re doing it only for this event and for people who already payed for a full pass which is normally alot on it’s own!

    • DigTheNoise

      Know what I’d buy for $99 also? A Maserati. Heck, I’d probably buy two.

      • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

        I think all laptops should be 5$ and tablets 1$, they would sell like crazy and even the poor folks could afford them. 😉

  • The1nChicago

    MS should drop the price of the RT down to $299.00 USD. If that were the case, I would scoop two up.

    • Eminent 1

      Sure. And, if i could get a giant ipod for $199, i’d still pass on it.

  • Lenn Liggins

    I was in the mall in Las Vegas to get my wife’s Iphone 5 replaced and the crowd at the Apple store was off the hook, bordering on madness. I decided to go to the Microsoft store and kill some time and there wasn’t one customer there. This tells you one thing, lower your price to get people interested. It doesn’t matter if you lose money in the beginning, you’ve got to get people to notice your product and get the crowds that Apple has.

    • james

      just so you know, apple doesnt have the crown because its cheap !

      it has crowd because it was 1st with iphone and ipad, want to attract that crowd ? offer “more” than what iphone+ipad can offer

      • Car Audio-Outlet

        Windows Phone 8 and Surface RT already offer more than iphone + ipad.

        • james

          what does win phone offer ? doesnt have basic features like vpn !

          just go to settings and compare iphone to a win phone and you will relaize there is not even 50% option available

          as a smart phone user, one needs these settings

    • rlon47

      I’ve seen that phenomenon, but a lot of the people in the Apple stores are there are to look and talk to other Apple people about how great Apple is and how smart they all are. Don’t get me wrong, most Apple stores do well in sales per square foot which isn’t tough with such pricey products, but don’t read too much into the size of their crowds.

  • Myclevername

    Awesome! These should start popping up on Ebay any minute!

  • Patrick

    Damn it, I bought my Surface RT in Australia (with touch cover) for $695 :'(
    It hurts so bad, seeing people able to buy Surface for $99!!!

    • hassia

      You could have also gotten it for 99 dollars if you were, a)willing to fly to New Orleans. b) pay for a hotel for the three days, and c) paid over 2,000 registration fees.