Media campaign for Surface RT launch in Europe starts reports the Surface RT tablet is coming to Germany on the 14th February and will likely be carried by Saturn and Media Markt.

The news was announced by Microsoft already last week, but WPArea reports that television and other media ads, such as the one above and below, have now started appearing, suggesting a real push is underway.

Analysts suggest Microsoft has only sold around 1 million or less Surface tablets so far, with Microsoft blaming this on limited distribution. Hopefully this issue will soon be reversed in the next few weeks.

There is at present no release date for the Surface Pro in Europe.


  • Joe_HTH

    Why do they keep using this idiotic commercial? They have a couple of good Surface commercials that show someone actually using it in a sensible manner. Those are much better ads. Use those ads and cancel this ridiculous ad.

    • GG002

      It’s Germany.. they wanna see engineering. I think this ad is sweet and concise.

      • Bugbog

        I agree. [Most] Everyone has an idea of what tablets can do. What really needs to be promoted, is the engineering of the Surface (i.e. slimness, stand, click-on coloured covers, et.c), and some differentiating gestures on the O.S., which this overall covers.

        After a while they can then just focus on specifics.

    • JRV

      The physical and mechanical attributes of the device are integral to its appeal and what distinguishes Surface from ultrabooks and tablets. My first Surface experience at the MS store was tactile: Working the kickstand, opening, closing, removing and “clicking” the touch cover. Can’t extrapolate too much from my own experience, but I’ll bet I’m not the only one. It’s probably what you did, too. It’s not the whole Surface story, certainly, and I’d guess it’s just one of several ads they will run…as here in the US. But the ad is a dynamic, engaging, necessary, and IMO effective way to communicate the nature of the new form factor that Surface represents.

      • GG002

        I’ve had my Surface since November, and I’ve opened and closed the kickstand so many times for no apparent reason (except because it’s funky), that it’s probably going to break itself free and flee before I’m done with Surface.

  • streetnerd

    EU price?

  • Manolopoulos Apostolos

    RT version? Buy? I don’t think so. PRO Surface maybe.

    • Tips_y

      So why post if you’re not interested, or lukewarm at best, about buying?!!!

    • GG002

      I already have a powerful Core i7 computer. Surface RT is perfect companion, I don’t need a second computer that has battery life 1/3 of Surface RT.