Meet Kingsing W8, A $99 Windows Tablet Powered By Intel Atom CPU

Kingsing W8 1

When Microsoft announced that they will be giving away Windows OS for free to OEMs developing devices with less than 9-inches, we know that that they are serious about getting tablet market share. Microsoft aimed to decrease the Windows tablet price by removing the Windows licensing for OEMs. At COMPUTEX, a Chinese OEM called Emdoor announced $100 Windows tablet. Today, another Chinese OEM Kingsing has announced a $99 Windows tablet. The device is powered by Intel quad-core Baytrail-T CPU and runs on Windows 8.1 OS.


  • Screen: 8-inch, 800 x 1280 resolution IPS LCD with 5-point capacitive touch
  • Processor: quad-core Intel Baytrail-T processor (1.8GHz) and Intel HD graphics
  • Memory/Storage: 1GB of DDR3L RAM, 16GB storage + SDHC/SDXC card expandability
  • Cameras: 2MP front and back
  • Network: 802.11b/g/n + BT 4.0 and 3G (WCDMA/EVDO/TD-SCDMA)
  • Connections: microUSB data/charging, HDMI port
  • Battery: 4500mAh Li-ion for 6-8 hours of usage time
  • Size: 207.5mm x 122.6 x 10mm
  • OS: Windows 8.1

Kingsing W8 3

via: Gizmochina

  • Drewidian

    As a device for the kids or watching movies, its probably fine and so cheap as to be practically disposable. I may get 3. 2 for the kids and one for me to read in bed.

    • bibleverse1

      At that price I dont see the problem.

    • Sunny

      Hmm…that sounds like the reason why people buy Chromebooks as well… Perhaps this is what Microsoft wants?

      • Spybook

        What a Chromebook? Chrome browser? lol.

  • donzebe

    The specs of these are much more better than the $100 or less android tabs we have been getting for kids which runs only for a week and stop working. These windows tabs are great coming out just in time for the holidays. They will make great gifts.

  • NGM123

    Should kick the equivalent Android shit to the curb, well done. Now just need to get them into all the same shops in volume and not just the odd place here or there, market penetration/saturation is now needed also.

  • A895

    If they really are metal it will go well with the HTC W8 coming to Verizon. Time to start saving pennies!

  • JohnCz

    I’m amazed that they were able to include 3G as well at that price. Are we sure this is not the price to say Dell when they do a private label order?

  • hysonmb

    If this makes it to the US, I’ll pick up a couple for my kids!

  • Michael Smith

    The only complaint that I have is that they should put at least 2 GB of RAM and, if possible, 4 GB of RAM.

    Otherwise, with an Intel processor, it is the only type of tablets that I would buy. I would never buy a tablet with an ARM processor, not to mention the junk OS Google Android!

    • dave

      for 99$ you ask alot, i agree, even if you lose it, your only out 99$ for a real computer, this must be the future, that’s a workstation , in XP days, wonder if you cant install xp tablet editiion?

  • dave


    • dave

      whats better a tiny tablet or this Giant phone / full x86 PC phone w/ voice plus over ip?

  • AndroPhone

    No GPS (a-GPS) ?

  • Rico Alexander

    3g? That has to be a typo. Cellular companies would give those away for a contract at that price.

  • xma1e

    Nice, I’m looking to replace my ageing Motorola Xoom, I think this will be it.