Megan Fox touts Windows 8 Acer Aspire S7 in Ultrabook ad

imageWhoever is bankrolling ads are not playing around these days. First we have Jessica Alba telling us how great Windows Phone 8 is, and today we have Megan Fox selling the virtues of a Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook for learning to speak to dolphins.

As a contest for our readers not too distracted by Megan Fox, can you count the number of times the creative types accidentally used Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 in the screen shots?


  • DanDanRevolution

    What? There was a computer and a dolphin in this commerical?

    But really, I counted Windows 7 being shown five times.

  • Lasp24

    which ever company get kate upton on their side, I will buy a tablet/phone from them

  • JoshC

    dafaq did i just watch

  • Peter Schott

    Looks like 5 to me as well. Either that or they used one of those add-ons to give back a start menu or moved something that looks like the start button where IE should be. :)

  • dablackreaper

    dafaq was this??

  • Chris Brown

    This wasn’t a Windows 8 ad, it was a Acer Aspire S7 ad which runs Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  • Bugbog

    Not too shabby Ultrabook, let down by a silly ad-film!

  • biernes

    How come Nokia’s IOS ad was a scandal and a talking dolphin is not?

  • captainqtp

    Megan Fox likes the Aspire? I’m so buying it now.