Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes On Xbox One Will Be 720p Version As Opposed To 1080p On PS4

MGS5 Xbox One PS4

Konami has recently published their plans for their next major release, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes on next generation consoles. MGS5 will run at a native 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second on the Sony PS4 but just 720p at 60 fps on Microsoft’s Xbox One. This is not the first time where a major game developer opts for a lower resolution gameplay, we have seen similar actions from Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc. Microsoft on its part always declined to accept that Xbox One is under powered when compared to PS4. Microsoft have their own example like Forza which runs 1080p on Xbox One.

Current Gen / Next Gen Comparison Chart  for MGS5(resolution, frame)

PlayStation®3PlayStation®4Xbox 360®Xbox One
resolution720P (Scaling internally)1080P720P (Scaling internally)720P

Microsoft’s comments on lack of 1080p on several games in Xbox One,

“I think the point that gets lost a lot is that it’s all a game of trade-offs. Resolution alone is not the final determination regarding if a game looks great or not. It’s one of many different levers and it’s up to the game teams to decide what is best for their unique game experience.”

MGS5 Xbox One PS4 1

  • reKitab

    AFAIC, they can slug it out amongst themselves. I’m a PC gamer. What else…?

    • Jim Cherry

      the worry is that in a few years AAA studios will nerf the graphics of pc games cause of the xb1 and ps4. Truthfully i’m more worried AAA studios and current gen consoles will limit the future of vr. And no I don’t think mobile phones will turn into a competitive platform graphically like gabe newell.

      • reKitab

        I’v amassed tons of PC games, Not to mention my Maps & Mods collection both retail, and on Babe’s:) Steam, that, I worry not no consoles, or babe’s to be, competitive platform, including the AAA gold digger studios. I’ll just ignore them:)

  • Asgard

    There has to be some politics involved with this Japanese publisher. The game is exactly the same on X1 as it is on X360. Doesnt make any sense because all other games are much better even if they are a bit worse than on PS4. And why the published comparisons are not from the same point in game for X and PS?
    Anyway, MS should just change the graphics card asap, before launching in more countries.

    • Jim Cherry

      They cant cause its an soc. They could ask amd to redesign the soc to have more shaders or more memory bandwidth but I doubt that will happen either

      • Cruncher

        Why memory bandwidth? XBoxOne already features significantly more bandwidth than PS4. In bandwidth limited situations XBox One will always be faster than PS4. Likewise in shader limited situations PS4 is faster.
        Thats a simple design tradeoff Microsoft and Sony did, they both use the same amount of chip area.
        It is somewhat unfortunated for Microsoft, that the bandwidth advantage is not trivially achievable at 1080p using cross platform game engines, because the engine need to employ tiling of the render targets.

    • Craig Osborne

      This could have more to do with software than any hardware. I heard from a dev on a podcast a few months before the launch of these new consoles was that Sony’s was in a much better position for launch than Microsoft’s was but they were improving it daily so hopefully 1080p will become the norm for XB1 games. It’s a little disappointing that these new consoles aren’t the graphical power houses we were all hoping for. Considering it’s been 8 years since the last ones were around, I wonder how long this console cycle will last for if 4K TVs take off.

    • theflew

      I think this has to more with how the consoles are using the processors, memory, GPU’s, etc… Microsoft wanted a generic console that is a home entertainment system. Sony wanted a game machine. I think MS strategy is the smarter long term goal. . I’m amazed how quickly I can switch between apps/games on the Xbox 1. But you have to figure to do that MS is reserving memory, cores, etc… to do that switching.

      Nintendo showed everyone casual game was more than a fad. Kinect showed there was an audience for a higher level of casual gaming. Sony could very easily outsell Microsoft for the next year or so. The question is 2, 3, 5 years down the road. 720P/1080P mean very little sitting 10 feet away from a 55 inch TV. It’s little more than a checkbox on the disc jacket.