Metro Firefox For Windows 8 Delayed Till March 2014

Firefox Modern UI Metro Download

Mozilla announced in early 2012 that they will be developing a Modern UI version of Firefox on Windows 8. After almost two years since the announcement, the product is now scheduled to be released to the general public in March 2014. Earlier it was planned to include this new modern version with the release of Firefox 27, but it is now delayed to release it with Firefox 28.

Mozilla still feels that they are few bugs to be fixed before it can released to the general public. Currently, Internet Explorer is the only browser that Windows 8 ModernUI users can enjoy. And this situation will soon change with the release of Firefox for Modern UI.

Are you looking forward to it?
Source: Mozilla Wiki via: Neowin

  • Daniel J

    Awesome! Thanks for the update. :)

  • lifeasyoshi

    will this only work with non Win8.1RT devices?

  • NGM123

    Love Firefox, looking forward to it arriving, enjoying IE 11 on the Surface though I have to say

  • dgduris

    But, you can download the Beta at I like it better than IE11 in touch mode.