Metro makes the jump to Surface 2.0


At MIX 11 Microsoft also showed of some new user-interface controls for the upcoming Surface 2.0 SDK.  Like most of Microsoft’s new properties, the user interface shows clear Metro design inspiration, acknowledged by Luis Cabrera, from the Surface team.

The Metro UI also extends to the new “ElementMenu”, which consolidates menu items into a block of tiles, rather than the radial menu used previously.


The new Surface 2.0 SDK will be available in summer of 2011. Read more at here.

  • Tsoglani

    hope windows 8 hase the that metro feel

  • WixosTrix

    The Metro UI is the best thing to happen to Microsoft consumer products, not only is it easy to use and is scalable, it’s different from anything else out there.

  • Travis New

    METRO UI is purely amazing. Honestly EVERYTHING should use Metro!