Metro Styled Microsoft Office 2013 Logo And Web App Revealed

While Microsoft is so secret about its upcoming version of Office productivity suite, many information about it got leaked by LiveSide today. First of all, the name will be “Microsoft Office 2013″ and followed by a new Metro styled logo similar to how Windows 8 logo.  Apart from the new logo and name, the web apps version of Office 2013 will also come with UI refresh similar to the desktop counterpart. Again, its Metro styled as you can see from the comparison above. Also the Web Apps has got new features such as the ability to view comments in reading mode, etc,. Read more about it in the source link below.

Source: Liveside

  • rsgx

    Ahhh, it makes me happy to see the Zune style UI creeping into the everyday work apps I use.

    • Smity Smiter

       “Zune style UI” – the one reason I fell in love with Windows Phone :)

      • Anonymous

        Dobt forget this all started with out beloved Zune players like ZuneHd, some people now just think of the software.

        • Anonymous

          It actually all started with Windows Media Center, but the ZuneHD was amazing

          • Anonymous

            So true! zune HD was device that was all metro!

    • Smity Smiter

       “Zune style UI” – the one reason I fell in love with Windows Phone :)

  • Jonny Rose

    It sort of looks better… don’t like all the text being uppercase though…

    • David Petrla

      Agreed. I hate it in Visual Studio 2012 Beta. :-(

  • Andrew Christian

    Metro UI is so fresh!

  • Fredrik72

    I don’t really see much difference. Exact same layout, only menu in uppercase and coloring a bit different. I really don’t see anything new or even evolutionary. If this is how it will be in the desktop version of Office 2013 compared to 2010 then there would be absolutely no reason to pay for an update. There are so many things fundamentally wrong with Word, but Microsoft almost does nothing to improve the fundamental principles from the 80s, other than paint a prettier face.

    • James

      You’ll notice when you actually use it.