Metro UI Coming To Microsoft’s Windows Live Web Properties

The Metro Design language is quickly spreading across various product groups in Microsoft. We have seen them in upcoming Windows 8, Windows Server versions as well. Now even Microsoft’s Windows Live web services will be redesigned with Metro design. Windows Live services include Hotmail,SkyDrive, Calender, People, etc,. As we already have Metro versions of these services in Windows 8, we won’t be surprised if Microsoft carries forward the same to web versions as well. Check out the image leaked by technoblog above.


  • Sennin

    Very interesting…
    This should come also to Windows Live Messenger application.

    The Metro UI is really nice and very organized, but not everybody likes it.

  • Anonymous

    Who doesn’t like it?  That one guy who is never happy?  Metro is one thing I think MS has been forward-thinking with.  Many people will grow to like it as the common designes of today get more worn out, and once they start actually using metro.  Compared to the cluttered mess that is the current hotmail and live services setup, Metro is a godsend.

  • Mgt

    I love you Microsoft