Metro UI Coming To Windows 8 As Aero Lite?


After the Office 15 screenshot leaks, has posted an interesting image which shows the resource style images found at Windows 8 or Vnext’s C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes \ Aero new style – Aero Lite. The new style has some similarity to the much lauded Metro Design from Microsoft. Metro Design is currently part of Windows Phone 7, Zune, and Windows Media Center. As Steve Ballmer recently said that the lines between tablet and PC UI will blur soon, this may be the glimpse of what he intended. Will Microsoft make Metro, the design language for all its Operating Systems powering PC’s, Tablets, Mobile, Consoles,etc,.??

  • cmwind

    *sigh* this is exactly what i was afraid of. they are going to style the UI in their own way instead of just using the sa me iconography. that is disgusting. users want consistancy across their platforms. REALLY Microsoft!!!! what is the point of changing it ever so slightly. Does this make the Windows team feel like they didn’t steal another divisions good idea? Cause guess what you are still stealing another divisions good idea! Now you are just uglifying it based off the rounded, soft icons above. Internet Explorer 9 did the same thing. They have highly stylized Back and Forward buttons that mimic Zune/Metro. However they are not the same. They are every so slightly different. Again. Why? What is the point?

  • Travis New

    Morons should just use the same files/pictures from WP7 rather then making slight changes. Such retards. These are suppose to be professional designers and they can’t even make arrows match! Seriously they must mentally challenged or something. This has to be a huge April fools joke because Ballmer is dumb(thought sometimes smart for short moments) but he’s not dumb enough to waste money and time on making soft arrows when the sharp iconic(now) from WP7 are so much better.

  • Shiny Proton

    Someone’s trying to make the news with a non-story.
    There is ABSOLUTELY nothing Metro in these ridiculously bad graphic assets. In fact, one should wish that Microsoft doesn’t release a product with such uninspired art.

  • eat2live

    A lot of the comments below are very negative. First, I think the circles around the arrows are enought to make these icons “… [somewhat similar] to the much lauded Metro Design from Microsoft.” And the icons do look nice.

    Also, it isn’t at all nice to call the creators of these icons retards, morons, or mentally challenged.

    Finally, I doubt that one division is stealing another’s work. The “higher-ups” want to integrate the Microsoft platforms as much as possible, and these changes would be completing that UX part of that plan. As to the look of IE9, it is slightly different because they had to use the existing Windows UX. The back button is cut off as per the Metro Language, and they kept everything as clean as possible.

    I would also like to address all the comments, in that the UI needs to be changed after every major implementation of a product. Speaking as the owner of a software company, I can say this with absolute confidence. You need to refresh a user’s experience with your product from time to time, else they get bored with your product. And you need to make slight changes. You can’t make major changes every time, otherwise users won’t be able to figure out how to use your product every time it is updated. Slight changes are progressive and refreshing. Besides, Microsoft is competing with the slickest marketing in the world (Apple), so this is a strategy they need to use.

    That being said, these are probably just mock-ups some 15 year old with Photoshop made to spend time in lieu of doing his/her homework. Don’t be so quick to jump all in, recognizing this a Microsoft’s work just to use it as evidence to immediately discredit Microsoft’s work.

    • cmwind

      the IE9 back arrow is not the same as the metro back arrows. the arrows at the top most and bottom most parts in metro are flat. the IE9 arrows slant down (at the top) and slant up (at the bottom). they do not match metro NOR do they match the Windows Explorer arrows (which are softer and more rounded). IE9 invented new arrows that do not tie into any product for no reason.

      Read this article:

      that links to page 4 of the article which talks about design and User Interface of Windows 7

      I am not sure how much you follow MS as a company. BUt the word is that many of the division “reinvent” the wheel so to speak. If the Xbox team comes up with a great idea, the Windows team will not use it but instead internally bake their own product that is similar to but not exactly like the Xbox teams. This way they can say “well ours is superior… we don’t need those guys… we are way better” it is amazing to think a corporation could have this kind of childish infighting BUT that is exactly how MS is run. My GUESS is that there is far too much middle management all concerned with one thing: their own job

  • thwack!

    Metro is a very clean, new design, and I believe Metro will provide much needed rejuvenation for the Windows OS. It’s beautiful on Windows Phone 7, and the Windows 8 welcome screen proves it can be beautiful on the big screen. Metro is the future! Moar Metro, Microsoft!!!