MetroTwit passes 100,000 Windows 8 downloads, proves the time for Devs to jump in is now


There is an interesting article up on TechCrunch urging developers to “Get Your Ass To Metro” or to put it more gently, that the time is now for developers to join the Windows 8 Store, to take advantage of the small marketplace to gain a loyal following and some prominence before it becomes extremely crowded.

The writer and developer Tadhg Kelly made of point of saying that this is likely the last major new app store to open, representing a massive but fleeting opportunity for developers who are bold enough to join the store before it is a proven success, rather than after with everyone else.

As if to underline this thesis MetroTwit has just announced passing 100,000 downloads on Windows 8, little more than week after the official launch of the OS.  Windows 8 Metro still does not have an official twitter app, and it seems by the time they arrive Metrotwit will already have massive numbers and a strong following, not to mention months of development under the belt, leaving twitter at a disadvantage.

The same applies to every category, and if developers with major apps on other platforms do not make the jump rapidly to Windows 8, which promises to have hundreds of millions of users in a year, they may very well find themselves overshadowed by smaller, more nimble companies with the first-mover advantage.

Do our readers agree that now is the time to jump in? Let us know below.

  • xSpartanx

    nice, hopefully Facebook and Twitter will “Get their ass to Metro” and start developing their apps for windows 8

  • Bugbog

    Absolutely. Now is the time to jump in. You can actually, literally, see the Store getting more crowded by the day!

    If a new (unproven) app gets downloaded, turns out to be good, has devs that respond positively to feedback and regularly update their apps. Then these apps stand a good chance of achieving lock-in (i.e. with the user being unlikely to change), before the bigger, well-known apps/devs weigh in.

    • guesttt999

      The world has grossly underestimated the Windows ecosystem and Windows itself. This is statement of proof for those who ignorantly thought that Microsoft is done.

  • Torrent

    i disagree.

    • Jeff Yenzer

      Cool Story, Bro.

  • sri_tech

    Not only Metrotwit. Armed has posted this on their twitter page on 30th Oct.
    “ARMED! has over 200,000 installs on Windows 8 today”

    You can cross verify this @armedgame

    For all the dev’s this is what they were missing in windows phone. Not enough people in the platform.

    These are two good examples to prove that wont be an issue in the windows store.

  • Pierre Venescar

    now is certainly is the time. If they don’t jump in now they’ll be sorry

  • Jérémie Corpinot

    Totally, always thought : the earlier you get in, better it is.
    Now i’ll try to get my ass there too.

  • Wise guy

    A man once said “go ahead, switch your style up. If they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up”.
    As you can see, the money will start to pile up soon for MS and the devs who “get their asses to metro”.

  • Philipp Mager

    Ye, even my calculator Calc4Win has very many downloads… About 80000 and it is just a little side project

  • liberalrepublic

    we need voice recorder apps that can run in the background for Windows RT. i am amazed microsoft did not do an app for that.

    • evill_genius

      OneNote has a voice recording feature built in and it actually indexes the audio recording with your written notes. Also look for a very cool app called toolbox. it has many functions, audio recorder is just one.

      • liberalrepublic

        Does that feature work on OneNote in RT? How do I get that enabled?