MetroTwit Twitter Client App Now Available For Windows 8

Metrotwit is a popular twitter client for Windows and it was known for its clean Metro design. Now, the developers behind Metrotwit has released their WinRT based Metrotwit app on Windows Store. As its desktop counterpart, this new Metrotwit app is also designed on Metro principles and it looks beautiful. Its the best Twitter client available in Windows Store right now and offers simple yet intuitive features.

Check it out here.

  • narmez

    im using the desktop version i’ll give it a try

  • ama neden

    looks nice

  • Ryan T

    Honestly, I don’t know why any Dev feels the need to match the sparseness of the UI design with what MS has been doing. On the desktop people will be looking at the apps from the same distance as they always have, now we just get way less information presented on screen. :-/