Microcenter Selling SurfaceRT w/ Touch Cover For $179!

Computers and electronics retailer Microcenter (not to be confused with Microsoft) is selling first generation SurfaceRTs for only $179.99 with the touch cover included.  This is a great deal, but of course there is a catch.  You cannot order online and will have to physically go to the store to grab one.  Microcenter is promising each store will have at least 100 in stock.  Good luck to those trying to grab one!

Check out the $199 deal here from Microsoft Store. You can buy 64GB Surface for $379 here.

Shop Microsoft Store’s Hot Black Friday Offers Today.

Source: Microcenter

  • BIAS

    Oh for fuck’s sake I just bought the damn thing for 200 from ms!

    • grs_dev

      If it’s within less than 30 days they may price match

      • BIAS

        I failed. They said NO. :-(

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Thank the Gods I post-poned purchasing this 😛

  • David van der Zande

    I bought that for 580 bucks six months ago. I feel cheated, Microsoft should not allow those dump prices.

    • José Villaró

      What? In what planet do you live? Or at in least what country?
      I assume you like technology and gadgets, you know things other than Apple products get price cuts really fast, specially when new generation comes out and/or they don’t sell so well.
      Besides it’s an american store lowering to crazy prices on a american holiday that is more famous for sales than it’s actual meaning.

    • Duk3togo

      Hey bud that’s how tech goes… Its now considered old tech and therefore discounted. Woo I got mine for 180 lol

    • David van der Zande

      Edit: I actually paid around 800 bucks for this set. That’s a 620 dollar discount. (I live in the Netherlands).

  • first name

    google wanted a price war so here you go.

  • Zdenko

    It’s amazing they are still trying to give away these duds, in fact MSFT is hurting the brand trying to sell them. They are pissing off those who bought them recently while giving unsuspecting buying a failed product…we all should be pissed!

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