Microsft Is Planning A Xbox One Tour In Over 75 Cities Around the World Beginning Oct. 1

The Xbox One Tour

Microsoft today revealed their first marketing activity around Xbox One. They are taking Xbox One on the road, allowing customers to experience the new generation of gaming before Xbox One launches on Nov. 22. They will visit over 75 different cities around the world through  this program. The “Area One” tour will let people in the U.S., Canada and Europe get hands on with the Xbox One line-up of blockbuster games through a series of experiential events, while the Xbox One “Test Drive” will see Xbox hitting the road like never before to give people hands-on gameplay in unexpected places.

“Area One” will bring a large traveling tour to many markets around the world, including Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Vienna, Paris and Berlin. Xbox fans will be among the first to get their hands on the upcoming blockbuster games coming to Xbox One, including hotly anticipated titles like “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Ryse: Son of Rome,” “Killer Instinct,” “Dead Rising 3,” “Crimson Dragon,” “Max: Curse of the Brotherhood,” “LocoCycle” and more.*

“Area One” will provide a fun opportunity for large groups of people to try the latest games, learn about Xbox One, and enjoy some gameplay with their friends. While attendance is free of charge, space will be limited. So, if you’re 18 years and older, make sure you and your friends get to Area One early – we don’t want to miss you! For more information on the Area One Tour, go to xbox.com/onetour.

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Source: Xbox One

  • Yuan Taizong

    I really hope for the sake of a future unified Microsoft app marketplace that this’ll work, the more gamers the merrier.

  • corasla

    How is it possible that their events page down at xbox live looks like CRAP on my htc 8x running,windows phone 8?

    Do they even test their own sites on their own mobile browsers or do they not care about this?

  • Cliff

    I thought there were two “o”s in Microsft. You might want to update your title otherwise yeah, I think they’re doing one in my home town. Sweet

  • Blaze Blue

    Why isn’t ny nor NJ mentioned, but it’s listed on it’s map.