Microsoft: 6 Things A Chromebook Can’t Do While A Windows Laptop Can

Windows ChromebooksAt WPC 2014, Microsoft today spoke about competing with Google Chromebooks. Chromebooks saw a great momentum in the lower price point laptops and in schools last year. Microsoft is now working with their partners to better compete with them. Acer Aspire ES1 which sells for $249 has 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and 15-inch screen. They also revealed that Toshiba 11-inch Windows device with 32GB SSD is coming for $249 this holiday season.

Microsoft also listed 6 things that Chromebooks can’t do while a Windows laptop can,

  • Run native and web apps
  • Run full Office
  • Desktop apps
  • Works well offline with limited bandwidth
  • Works with many peripherals.
  • Printer support.

Do you have any experience with Chromebooks? How do they compare with Windows devices?

  • DH Dog

    I can start telling you 100 things that a chromebook can’t do

  • bibleverse1

    I think those 6 things are important for a lot of consumers. But if there are going to be new devices at 249.99 there would be little reason to get a chromebook.

  • Tirinti

    “Works well offline with limited bandwidth”
    And that’s why OneDrive isn’t very usefull and Lumia 930 without microSD isn’t a highend smartphone.

    • Vmac71

      The same could be said about Google Drive on any high end Android smartphone.

      • Tirinti

        I don’t care about any virtual drives.
        Lumia 930 lacks microSD and this is the problem.

  • pepe

    Chromebooks has good advantages too:



    Better battery life.

    Easy to use.

    No virus.

    You can’t break it installing things or changing obscure configurations.

    Microsoft needs a consumer oriented OS, Windows is an overkill for most people.

    • dcmobi

      That’s why they have Windows RT

      • pepe

        And where are the Windows-RT-books? The only product in the market running Windows RT is Surface 2.

        • Marco Alia Lanese

          when MS is not allowing the user to change everything in the system is monopolistic.
          when the customer mess up with everything is fault of MS.

          Windows RT devices:

          • pepe

            All those devices were EOLed with the exception of Surface 2.

          • Blaze Blue

            What do you want to change. As far as I know you can change stuff. It sounds like you want to change something that you know you might screw up on something then you would end up spending time later on trying to fix the problem or go pay someone to fix it for you.

        • dcmobi

          You stated “Microsoft needs a consumer oriented OS” and I answered. Just because OEMs aren’t making the devices to ruin said OS doesn’t mean MS hasn’t created the OS.

          • dcmobi

            Run, not ruin :-)

          • pepe

            That’s the difference between Google and Microsoft. Google develop products that are attractive to business partners and the public. Microsoft just develops products, that’s not enough.

    • VARUNGUPTA1992

      Windows can run chromebook as well 😛 well actually chrome has nothing actually other than people-fav chrome browser to run … So it ease on weight nd battery… Well than why not buy a tablet instead… Will have more advantages…

    • Blaze Blue

      Battery life is not good

    • Bubba Smith

      it’s called Windows Rt, but they don’t know how to market it.

    • iLove2argue

      Chromebooks making people confused.

    • grs_dev

      Cheap? I say overpriced!
      Lighter? Most people don’t know what lighter means the chromebook weighs the same as most other same size notebooks.
      Better battery life?! How do you figure? Your battery will drain faster with a wifi on than wifi off
      Easy to use?! Meh
      No Virus? Not on the premise I suppose but if the data center gets hit then you and so is everyone else is screwed
      You can’t break it installing things etc…? Wanna bet?

      I agree with the last statement.

  • Marco Alia Lanese

    On a Windows laptop you can still start a live distribution of whatever you want or run how many OS you want in a virtualized environment.

    The only “reason” is the price and the possibility for this very busy customer to give after two months their “device” to a kid, when they realize it’s only to surf on the web and to play.

  • Joe Calamita

    What kills windows in Education is start times and complexity of management. Chromebooks are much easier to deal with (much to my dismay, would rather the students have a “real” computer). Have a special discounted (under $30/year/machine) version of Intune to manage cheap windows machine and you might have something. For schools without big IT staffs, chromebooks are much easier to deal with.

    • Simon Paul

      Maybe in the short term, but I’m betting long term Chromebooks are going to be a disaster in the Education industry. Windows 8 start up time is insanely fast. If it’s at all slow, it’s because the IT staff did something that caused it.

      My Windows 8 laptop is super fast at start up and almost instant at resume from sleep.

  • flyboy

    what is a chromebook

  • Will S.

    Low end Windows PCs are synonymous with poor performance.

    • HoppITUp

      Chromebooks are the poster child for poor performance.

  • grs_dev

    Run native and web apps <– Most people don't know what this means
    Run full Office <– Most people don't care
    Desktop apps <– Most people again don't know nor care
    Works well offline with limited bandwidth <– Should be #1 and split into 2 bullet pts
    Works with many peripherals <– Most people don't know what a computer peripheral means
    Printer support <– This should be either #2 or #3

  • freeiam

    Nice chromebook apps online:

  • Lego KingsCastle

    I know a school which has byod (students take in a laptop of their choice IT rooms empty) so they only taught software that would work on any laptop (mainly windows xp-8 Linux and mac) when chrome books came along they could not longer do this and they had to ban them

  • rosy lily

    Google is paying 80$ per>>>>>>>>➜➜➜➜➜➜➜

    ➜➜➜➜ W­W­W­.­P­A­Y­R­A­P­.ℭ­ℴ­m



  • no more windows

    better battery, no spam,faster boot up,less maleware,yes chromebook prints to my printer just fine.
    faster browsing, updates take under 30 seconds and under 200.00