Microsoft Account Gets Better Way To Manage Aliases And Primary Email Address

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Microsoft today announced a better way to manage aliases and primary account for Microsoft Account.  Microsoft gave us the ability to rename or to add aliases to your account few years back and they are streamlining the process with few changes. Read it below.

Several years ago we launched the ability to rename or to add aliases to your account, which gave important flexibility to manage these changes. But we found that these tasks were a little too monolithic. For example, sometimes you wanted to sign in with one alias but use another to send mail or display on your Xbox. So we started working to break these tasks down to give you more flexibility.

In April, we added the ability to sign in with any alias on your account. At that time, Rename was left unchanged; and it walked you through an experience to add a new alias and switch which one was the “primary” alias on your account.

Today, we’re replacing rename with a simpler and clearer choice to make any of your aliases a primary alias. We’ve also made it clearer why you might want to do this (and why you might not). Now that you can sign in with any alias, really the only reason to make a different alias your primary one is if you want a different email name to show on your Microsoft devices, like the background of your Xbox or your Windows 8 PC.

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  • dcmobi

    This actually has been there for at least a week or so because I just did this to change from to as my primary

  • Minstral

    Does this get round having all your emails delivered into one email box? I want to keep my accounts separate but to do that I have to keep logging out and back in again – really frustrating. Guess it’s just the way I work.

    • Jeff Hung

      You can set up a rule to put each email to a specific folder by its recipient email address. However, you still have to be careful about selecting proper email address to reply otherwise you might accidentally expose one of your email addresses to wrong recipient and get the emails mixed up.

      • Minstral

        Which is exactly why I haven’t done that and why the old system was so good and so useful to people with multiple accounts. No idea why they want to alienate us in this way. Hopefully they will bring it back in the old way very soon or I will have to go through the hell of changing all my email to find a provider that does.

  • pkmccarthy

    So when will we be able to send from an alias on the wp8 ?

    • dcmobi

      Technically i think you can do this by setting up all the alias as accounts and then use linked mailboxes

    • IamDefiler

      This! Been waiting for this to be baked into the mail client in WPs since the beginning.

  • Valk

    Great! Now I need the ability to transfer my aliases from one account to another and I will be able to consolidate my accounts. Also, I would like to be able to transfer features from account to account. So transfer the XBox music or gold to my wife’s account or my son’s account.