Microsoft Acquired Specific IP Assets From iTap Mobile Remote Desktop Client To Build Its Own RDP Client For iOS

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Earlier this week, Microsoft quietly announced that Remote Desktop apps for iOS and Android platforms coming later this month for Windows Server 2012 R2. This is a big news for many enterprise users. iTap is a mobile remote desktop app for iOS devices which was utilizing Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to give you complete control over and fast access to your Windows PC from anywhere.

iTap mobile RDP was the only RDP client to support TS Gateway. Compared to other iPhone clients iTap mobile RDP was said to be more than twice as fast as the next best competitor. It seems Microsoft is aware of the app and has acquired some IP assets from the company to build its own Remote Desktop apps which is coming next month.

Microsoft provided the following statement on this to Neowin,

Microsoft acquired specific IP assets from HLW Software Development GmbH (HLW). This was used as a base for development, on top of which we implemented, amongst other things: RDP 8, RemoteApp support, multitouch, and all new UI.

In the mean time, iTap has discontinued their apps from App Store with following message on its website.

Effective October 8th 2013, iTAP mobile RDP apps for iOS, Mac OS X and Android platforms are discontinued.

We will continue to support the customers who have installed this app up to this date but the app will no longer be available at the application stores and no further updates will be released.

We recommend you evaluate the new Microsoft Remote Desktop app available in app stores later this month.

Thank you for using iTAP mobile RDP.

iTap mobile team

While iOS and Android devices will have Remote Desktop apps by this month end from Microsoft, what about Windows Phone devices?

via: Neowin

  • Yuan Taizong

    Well, one of things I like about Microsoft is that they want to get ”ínvolved” with others into making the best experiences, Google’s applications always feel ”beta” on almost any platform, even their own.

    • Duk3togo

      Yup, MS also buys or licenses IPs while Google steals them and adds them to their ecosystem for free.

      • Guest

        Ah, but wait till Motorola loses and Google has to pay MS royalties. That’s going to be sweet.

  • TechFreak1

    That would be because they are scrooges :p.

  • deathdealer351

    I suspect it’s coming around the 8.1 timeframe. Without vpn all you can do is rdp on the Lan… Which I have bigger and better screens to do that with.

  • Guest

    Smart move. Even better if it indicates MS will be more aggressive about buying vs building to speed time to market.