Microsoft Acquires, Hates “Xbone” Nickname

Xbox One Dev

According to the latest WHOIS records, Microsoft Corporation has recently acquired the domain name from its previous owner. Fusbile speculates that it must be a larger amount paid to the owner from Microsoft.

Major Nelson who is the Director of Programming at Xbox LIVE posted a message on NeoGAF saying that he don’t like the nickname Xbone for Xbox One.

“…disrespects the teams that have put in thousands of hours (already) into the development of the product. Sure, it’s cheeky but I don’t care for it myself.”

I guess Microsoft acquired the domain to keep it safe from competitors and fan boys from exploiting it against Xbox One.

via: Fusible

  • counterblow

    ““…disrespects the teams that have put in thousands of hours (already) into the development of the product. Sure, it’s cheeky but I don’t care for it myself.””
    you mean like how Microsoft disrespected millions of players by trotting out those anti consumer policies? At least the public spoke and they canned that shit….but it will be back mark my word.
    I hope the xbone owner got a pile of cash

    • rationaldude

      You’re a dick

      • counterblow

        then I guess that means Major Nelson just got fucked.

        • JNate

          Hahahah good one

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          Homo much?

    • Jimmy_Jangle

      Please try and explain how the policies were explicitly anti-consumer…….

      And I will f’ing blow them out of the sky, one by one.

      • counterblow


        • Jimmy_Jangle

          You mean that thing that would have been necessary to ensure that we could fully enjoy the future potential of an always on console, that protects devs and publishers incomes. Selfish c*nt.

      • Dunimis

        Removal of used game competition. Removal of offline game use – yes, I play offline. My family plays offline. Most of them do not have ANY internet. Removal of game ownership – became glorified game renting. Removal of physical copies. I take discs wherever I go. That way, I don’t have to wait for my friends to download install if we want to do a LAN party. Removal of sharing your game with ANYONE as MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE.

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          “Used game competition” – Gamestop in the US, Game in the UK…. We never even knew what companies would be involved, so your point is moot.

          “Removal of offline game use” – a check lasting seconds consisting of kbs of data every 24 hours if connected, or a week in the absence of always on. You may play offline, but you have internet, big deal, suck it up. As for your family, that’s their problem. They should either look to get a connection, which is what, $10/$20 a month (I pay £7.50 for mine per month), or lobby their local provider to pull their fingers out. There are remote places in Wales which have 8Mb d/l ffs!

          “Removal of game ownership” – Newsflash – YOU NEVER OWNED THE GAME! Read the EULA or whatever else constituted the copyright text in-game or in-manual. The only thing you bought is the right to play the game on your system. If you owned the game, you’d be Activision/Namco/Nintendo/Sega or some other dev/publisher and would be making money from the product and wouldn’t even be here as you’d be in support of it. You own a shiny little circle with digital code burned onto it – the delivery mechanism, nothing more, and you’re incredibly naïve to think otherwise.

          “Removal of game sharing” – Au Contraire I think you’ll find that the policies would have enhanced that facet of owning an X1 – up to 10 members of your friends and family.

          But, we won’t know (for now at least). All because a whiny vocal minority held back progress for another 5 years.

          • Dunimis

            Once again, you did not read my statement, blind fanboy. I have family and friends. We play consoles. We DO NOT HAVE internet. I use the Internet from places do. It is not that we cannot pay or afford. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY INTERNET outside of satellite, which is so slow you can barely get email and more expensive than cable. There are no options. So don’t tell me to suck it up.

            Used game locations – ebay, amazon, hobby shops, gamefly, rental stores, heck, even Kmart sells used games at times. There is plenty of competition out there. Gamestop is not the only place on earth that sells used games.

            EULA is moot. I buy, sell, trade that game as many times as I like. Possession is 9/10 of the law. Screw that. Again, I have the physical copy at all times. I do not have to wait over several hours to pull a digital download. I sit down and throw it in, lend it to an infinite number of people if I so choose. The license is not tied to my console, but he who carries it.

            And you missed the point. No INTERNET=NO FAMILY SHARING. In addition, I was not against that feature to begin with. It was nice for people who use the digital distribution system. Microsoft could still use it now, but they are too “hurt” that people hated the crap that came with it. Out of spite they removed it. They could implement their new system and work with two different models, but they won’t. It was supposed to be a motivator to get people to go the digital system.. which is fine. But instead of allowing the market to choose which one they prefer, they wanted to violently force their customers into it. They left the principle that a good idea sells itself. It was the cherry on top of the pound of manure. You want digital, great. Leave the current system alone. If it dies out over time, fine. That is part of life.

            Progress can happen and benefit everyone, not just some. I do not understand why people are so willing to lose their plethora of benefits for a few niche features. The new system took away more than it gave. No one knows where the market will be in 5 years and to assume otherwise is arrogant. Microsoft is not thinking how to benefit the customers. All they want is everyone to come to their Microsoft online store and buy every game through them, cutting off all other distributors. That was their purpose, that was their ultimate goal, that was their “vision”. They want the whole pie. Of course, they claimed that the money would be returned to the developers. Maybe it would, at first. But terms can change when you hold all the cards. When you control distribution, you control everything from prices on up. I am not interested in seeing a monopoly on game distribution. Let the market be. If Microsoft’s idea and system is compelling, the market will go for it. But don’t try to dictate your customers.

          • Jimmy_Jangle

            It actually hurts to read this drivel – that must mean I’m not blind. Nor am I a fanboy, you puddle of diarrhetic idiocy.

            “I use the internet from places do” – what the hell is that supposed to mean??

            If you can post this tripe from your mobile at home, then you definitely could have tethered via Wi-Fi to authenticate once every 24 hrs.

            I read your post, doesn’t look like you read mine; MS announced what they were planning. Morons around the web flipped out in lieu of the full details and caused a shit-storm, which caused them to pull the features, without anyone knowing in full what they would involve. Now all we know is that we’ve got a 360 with better graphics and cloud processing. What a leap from 2005, eh?

            “EULA is moot” – Only to ignorant turds like you, I bet you don’t even buy your own games, you just borrow and bum them off friends and family.

            I sincerely hope you develop a game, then watch as it makes barely anything because it’s been lent & sold to all & sundry, meaning that there is no income, and you get to live in a car.

            No internet, don’t buy it then! MS doesn’t have to bow to your lack of internet. You wouldn’t buy a boat if you had no lake/ocean/river nearby to use it in, the same applies to this. Why MS had to restrict something to satisfy a bunch of C21 Luddites is beyond me.

            Honestly, I think your sort want the moon on a stick.

          • Dunimis

            “I use the internet from places do” – what the hell is that supposed to mean?? – It means… THAT I USE INTERNET WHEREVER I CAN GET IT!!! Cafes. Smartphone, etc… Sure, I could tether. But the house has no WIFI…. Yes, those still exist too. Even if it did, why should I have to. Offline will always rule. This message is from work,, end of the day special just for XBone fanboys.

            I buy $5 dollar deals. I come away all the richer for it, unlike in-debt people such as yourself.

            As for developers, right, because they make SO LITTLE. I mean, we don’t have a multi-BILLION dollar businesses out there making and distributing games. They must all be broke too? I’m sorry. Thanks for illuminating that for me.

            “No internet, don’t buy it then!” Won’t

            “MS doesn’t have to bow to your lack of internet.” Already did!! OWNED!!!!!!!

          • Jimmy_Jangle

            Spoken like a true child.

            Have a look online now, and tell me how many software developers and publishers have closed down in the past five years. It may be a billion dollar industry, but where’s the majority of that going fuckwad?

            $5 dollar deals? That job in BK must be really holding its own for you then?

            Thing is, dear child, I’m not actually in debt, because I can afford things like full price games, decent internet et al, whereas it seems like you can ill afford a dictionary.

            Owned, bet you felt well edgy typing that didn’t you?

            Bye now, best of luck with your backwood cup ‘n’ string internet.

    • Dunimis

      Total agreement. Microsoft message: We can disrespect you, but don’t you dare disrespect us. Makes me wish I had bought that domain. I would have charged them 20 million, just to see how they would like it.

    • eharris560

      Go play with your PS

  • Yuan Taizong

    Xbone sounds rediculous, in unrelated news still exists as it is a completely unrelated company.