Microsoft Adds Extra 3GB Of Storage To OneDrive Accounts With Camera Backup Enabled

OneDrive 3GB Free Storage

During OneDrive launch last month, Microsoft announced that extra 3GB of OneDrive storage will be added to accounts which has automatic camera backup enabled on their mobile devices. Many of us got the 3GB storage on the same day of the announcement, but some people didn’t get it. Microsoft today acknowledged the error and announced that they have fixed it. If you’re backing up your camera roll to OneDrive, you’ve now received your extra 3 GB of storage.

Microsoft’s email regarding the same,

Thank you for exploring OneDrive these past two weeks and being a big part of the OneDrive launch.

We’re excited that you’re using OneDrive to automatically upload your photos and videos from your mobile device. We appreciate that you trust us to keep your important memories backed up and available across all your devices, including your Xbox.

With the introduction of OneDrive, we offered you an extra 3 GB of storage for backing up your camera roll to OneDrive.

Unfortunately, due to an error on our part, it took longer than expected for some of you to see the extra 3 GB in your OneDrive account. For that, we sincerely apologize. We pride ourselves on providing you, our best customers, with a seamless and dependable service. We’re sorry for any stress and frustration that our mistake may have caused, and we’ve worked hard to make sure that if you’re backing up your camera roll to OneDrive, you’ve now received your extra 3 GB of storage.

Source: Microsoft

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Everyone I knew got it the same day, this is most peculiar, but it’s great for those people that they now also enjoy OneDrive’s free space. 😀

  • Sagar Sadbhaiya

    Well I got it today morning… good thing to start the day!!! 😛

  • kain0m

    So, I just checked to see how much storage I have. Seems that I now have 127GB of Onedrive… I know I had 25 Gigs for clicking the “I don’t want to be reduced to 7 GB” link, but I have no clue where the extra 100 Gigs come from… Lol.

    • leharmeerak

      I have 153 :D, all for free

    • WindowsSeat

      You likely were one of the first 100,000 to sign into OneDrive when it relaunched. So now you got 100gb free, but its only for a year. After that it will be $50 a year to keep the space.

      • kain0m

        Yeah, that’s it, 100 Gigs until Feb 19 2015. But I never got an email thanking me for how awesome I am :)

    • Zicoz

      If you go to your OneDrive and click the option to get more storage in the lower left corner you get an overview of where you get your storage from.

  • Bugbog

    Yep. Got the email today!

  • WindowsSeat

    I got this email too. The funny thing is, I had the camera backup initially enabled by default after the Skyrdrive app updated to Onedrive on my iPhone but, I disabled it immediately.

  • Kozidos

    Good news!, I get a new code in order to redeem 1/2GB