Microsoft Along With Apple, Google And Others Calls For European Unitary Patent System

Microsoft today announced their participation in a cross-industry coalition dedicated to the creation of an effective European unitary patent system. This coalition includes 14 companies and users of the European patent system. Find the list of signatories below.

adidas AG
Apple Inc.
BlackBerry Limited
Bull SAS
Cisco Systems Inc.
Deutsche Post DHL
Deutsche Telekom AG
European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA)
Google Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Company
Intel Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Syndicat de l’Industrie des Technologies de l’Information (SFIB)
Telecom Italia S.p.A.
Yahoo! Inc.

Microsoft along with all the above member companies have been working collaboratively for several months to suggest solutions that support the creation of an effective, balanced and harmonized Europe-wide patent system. You can read the letter sent by this group to European policy makers on recommendations to those solutions.

Read about it in detail here.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I understand the reason for this effort with regard to a more comprehensive and more defintive and unanemous ruling of disputes, and perhaps also a protetction of intellectual property against its misues. However the outcome of this ruling, I hope this doesn’t become a springboard of putting every little new innovation and idea on a patent system. Some things such as shape designs and button layouts as a patent is cutting through what is just a natural phenomenon and is just a preposterous claim to put protection and a pricetag on. An example is like putiing a patent on a piece of dna code. Its the most basic building block of life and then finding it and all of a sudden putting claim to all life and that we all have to pay up for the principle of the protection of the idea. If the patent is a symbol of recognition of someone’s design, then for me, its okay to put that on paper and honour his/her achievements till the end of time. But for the sake of sanity, let’s keep the sanity of reality of what we can claim in check please. (the example of the dna patent claim was put to ruling, the Judge ruled the claim was invalid).

    • Yuan Taizong

      That is indeed true, American and Canadian patent systems have become so inefficient that they even halt innovation, if Apple patents everything they make, they can effectively sue every company that ”imitates” them, similar to Microsoft, and both these companies have been sueing Android (in Microsoft’s case very successfully) for quite some time, here in the Netherlands getting the correct patent takes more than just putting your name on a paper and paying, in America you can even enlongen the validity of your patent, even to an extend that no other can produce even similar products.

      A good example of this are patent-trolls, huge corporations that purchase patents for no other reason but to sue those that are actually going to execute the ideas they’ve just bought the rights to, companies as these halt major innovations and create bureaucratic nightmares for anyone daring to defy ”their rights”, in the past a patent in America was only useful for a number of time, but today they’ve extended it to forever as long as you can pay, even on books of authors and songs of musicians after they’re long dead, to a point where even our immensely divided patent systems are more efficient than America’s.

  • tomakali

    BlackBerry Limited LOL

  • NegLewis

    So, some USA wants a unified patent system?
    Let’s start with a N. American Unified Patent System: USA+ Canada+Mexico ++