Microsoft already talking about Windows 9–next version of Windows


Stephen Chapman from MSFTKitchen has collated a number of references to Windows 9 by various Microsoft employees on LinkedIn.

With Windows 8 just RTM last week it is interesting to see Microsoft already planning and developing the next version. 

See all the details at MSFTKitchen here.

  • pfizerdiamonds

    This shouldn’t be unusual. All software companies follow some sort of roadmap. I’d bet there are some features that could not be included in Windows 8 that were pushed back to Windows 9.

    • rsgx

      Yeah, a Metro desktop is probably on that list.

      • Greg Edwards

        Or a complete removal of support for the desktop. 😉

        • Bugbog

          Yep! With the growth of Metro..I mean Modern, or is that MX? I feel we will soon come to regard the desktop the same way we look at the DOS prompt!

        • rsgx

          Fair point, actually.

    • makavelli_jrw

      I think that they should have put a Metro Bar feature in the current Windows 8. I just made a mock up look.

  • frankwick

    Windows 9 will include this super cool new feature called a start button.

    • makavelli_jrw

      like this..

  • inyourbase

    That to me, is a typo. I think he clearly meant Windows 8.