Microsoft And B&N Nook Update Their Agreements, Microsoft Consumer Reader Platform Coming With Nook Content

Microsoft invested around $300 million into Barnes and Nobel’s Nook platform. “As demand for digital content continues to increase, we are focused on bringing ground-breaking reading and learning content and technologies to more people in more formats than ever before, including the imminent launch of our exceptional NOOK reading application for Windows 8,” said William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble during the announcement of the agreement. “NOOK Media is a leader in developing the next generation of digital reading and we look forward to the company bringing one of the world’s largest digital libraries to Windows 8 devices via their upcoming Windows 8 app,” commented Andy Lees, President at Microsoft.

Ever since the announcement, Nook is facing great challenges in the e-book market and they are updating their agreement with Microsoft. Thanks to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, new 8-K filing by Barnes & Noble has all the details of the updated agreement.

NOOK will discontinue the Nook app for Windows 8 devices and Microsoft will release a new Consumer Reader app that will allow all the NOOK users to transfer their content to the new platform. Also, Microsoft’s upcoming Reader platform will be powered by NOOK’s content.Microsoft and NOOK Media also agreed to updated revenue sharing to address this possibility.

From the 8-K filing,

“Pursuant to the Amendment, NOOK Media LLC (“NOOK Media”) and Microsoft agreed to co-branding within the Microsoft Consumer Reader for reading content delivered by NOOK Media. The Amendment also provided that subject to certain conditions NOOK Media would be permitted to discontinue distributing the NOOK Windows app and will cooperate in good faith with Microsoft to transition users to the Microsoft Consumer Reader. Microsoft and NOOK Media also agreed to updated revenue sharing to address this possibility. The Amendment also permits NOOK Media to cease efforts with respect to a Windows phone app.”

Source: ZDNet

  • Nham Thien Duong

    But Microsoft will also soon acquire Nokia Reading, which has access to OnerDrive’s 1.900.000 different books, though Nook would be a smarter option as it has the #2 largest book store on the internet (in size), I personally would rather see Microsoft fully purchasing Nook and integrate it into Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox, but then again that would be an expensive deal that wouldn’t be profitable for years. :- Of-course depending on the execution, so far comparing Google Play to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store I see why they’re winning, and I’d love to see Microsoft get Nook and challenge them at their own game, create ”Bing Books” and a special reading app (¿”Microsoft Nook”?) to battle Scroogle on every front. :-)

  • hysonmb

    Microsoft Consumer Reader… Hopefully the new CEO can kick the people who do branding into making something that doesn’t sound so corporate for a consumer application.