Microsoft And Google Posts Video About Their Search Experience To Win Windows 8 Users

Today, Google and Microsoft posted video about their search experience to win Windows 8 users. Microsoft Bing has an edge over Google in Windows 8 both it terms of accessibility and experience. You can realize it from the following videos.



I love to Bing, what about you?

Source: Google, Microsoft

  • minhin

    Bing all the way, music, marketplace, travel all on bing

  • UsmanMohammad

    Google can suck it in my opinion. For how they treat Youtube users is ridiculous, if you don’t earn them enough they’ll just won’t look into any false flagging. However if you do earn google a lot of money then they will look the other way to any flagging regardless of fake thumbnails and mis leading titles.

    Yet they have the audacity to lie to every youtube partner by saying there is no ranking on youtube, they manually check every flag to see if it fits the criteria, bull shit google. Honestly if you’re going to screw over your users on youtube then why should I ever use your products.

    / rant about google over.

    • RoadOfMajor

      I had a website that accumulated nearly $200 from Google ads, only to have them inform me weeks later that my account had been suspended due to suspicious activity, and they gave no further details. Never received a dime from the $200 that they owed me. Fvck Google.

  • just

    I like Bing in my Windows 8. Bye Bye Google!

  • Arthur

    Well, in Russia most of users use Google, because Bing don’t try to be more compatible with RUnet, because search reasults by Google more better than Bing, it’s sorowfully.

  • Kitab

    Whatever, the Winner is Windows 8:)

  • jagster

    No thanks. I like my life as Google free as possible.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    Ive only have had some technical searches i had to do with google because Bing didn’t find it. but would i use google only for 1 search i dont even need anymore? no. i wish bing would have found the same, but anyway it was only about windows 8 and Aion 3.5 not working so its not like i will die. i like bing :) and i dont like google so. bing for me

  • blackhawk556

    Microsoft video doesn’t show up on my windows phon. how ironic 😀

    • koenshaku

      Its actually a vimeo video so you should try the Vimeo app…

  • Jake Santti

    When will the Win8 be available full? I want to install a new desktop with it but I read the full version won’t be available yet. It doesn’t even make sense. How much will it cost?

    • luis3007

      $100 the basic version and $200 the Pro version

    • Daniel Crumbley

      You can actually get Windows 8 Pro(the download) for $39.99 OR you can get the disc for $79.99. That’s what I know, I was just on the Windows website. They did say this is only for a limited time so jump on it! Im not sure what luis3007 is talking about(I guess something else)

  • Zicoz

    The Google app looks like something they threw together in an afternoon. Just look at this Google app compared to Bing for Ipad, it’s crap.

  • Rick Villafuerte Gonzales

    I like bing and google, but prefer chrome and google in windows 8

    • koenshaku

      You should try Chrome OS while you’re at. it why stop there? Complete your google experience lol.

  • Beezer

    I like my personal life to stay personal. Sticking with IE and Bing from now on. Especially since IE10 is a huge improvement in speed.

  • tarbuck

    google cares about my region, and bing gives me a third rate experience. speed of country rollout matters.

  • Shay

    Like Bing on my xbox nothing better. Trying to use bing on my wp7, works okay and much faster than google due to dedicated button. but sometimes I just need the accuracy of google.

  • darthtigris

    So Google doesn’t even show what their app looks like???

    Ok …

  • Anthony IamTiger Lee

    Your Microsoft video doesn’t work on WP7…

  • Anthony IamTiger Lee

    Not having flash on WP7 sucks!!!!!

  • Ruufus

    Yep! Bye Bye Google!

  • N1NJ4K1LL3R

    Go ahead, nobody’s looking. (except Google)