Microsoft announce Surface Pro availability from 9th February in US and Canada



In a blog post Microsoft has formally announced the retail availability of the Surface Pro tablet from the 9th February in the U.S. and Canada through all Microsoft retail stores, and at Staples and Best Buy in the U.S. as well as from a number of locations in Canada.

The Core i5 tablet will be retailing from $899 for the 64 GB model.  A 128 GB model will also be available for $999. The device will come with an included Surface Pen.

Microsoft also announced expanded availability of the Surface RT tablet to 13 additional markets in the coming weeks, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


Microsoft is also making additional accessories available, including laser-etched touch covers for $129 and the Surface-themed wedge mouse.

Read more at Microsoft here.

  • abraham marquez

    mexico? :/

  • the person

    since when did late January become first week of February? Idiots

    • B_Sack

      10 additional days! OMG!!!!!!1111

    • donzebe

      Hey! its Microsoft. Always want all the hype to cool down before they release. They were never thought to hit the iron when it is hot.

      • SategB

        With less then a million Surface RT sales, the iron was yet to warm up. Let hope MS plugs it in soon…

    • surilamin

      All things considered, 10 days is not that bad. Plus, they could still make the pre-order date Jan 31.

    • Bugbog

      I suppose it is available to pre-order now?!

  • Alexander Nevrmind

    I think I will get the Surface Pro and continue to use my iPad Retina for light basic non business needs. However, MS needs to drop the Surface RT price by 30 percent if they want to compete with the iPad. The final clue to MS should have been the latest reports of Apple cutting the iPad 9 inch screen orders because the iPad mini is eating into its market. Truthfully, I wish MS would wake up and smell the coffee, FIRE Ballmer. He is no leader and a complete arrogant moron. Someone needs to start a petition to have Ballmer fired from MS ASAP.

  • Ocelotty1

    I have been impatiently waiting for the Surface Pro since it was announced; but having seen the graphics power of Haswell I am going to wait a little bit longer.

  • Why?

    Why do they only expand Surface RT availability now? I thought they where selling it only in those countries because of the production of keyboards and other hardware that is different for every country. I was expecting to see Surface RT and Pro available at the same time in my country instead of need to wait some more months for the Windows 8 version…
    Right know I don’t care anymore. I will get the first one to be released here: Surface with Windows 8 Pro or Asus Transformer Book. I’m done with waiting…

  • Windows 8

    MOre and more delays……. plus it is only for US and Canada, what about the rest of the world?
    We will have to wait for some months I presume..
    I want MS to fasten its game and show to the world that it is the best available in the world !!